The biggest complaint that surgeons stress about when it comes to surgical care has to do with money, but not in the way you think. Surgeons see a handful of patients daily and diagnose and perform surgeries for patients who need it, it is all a part of a doctor’s daily task. But what happens when a patient truly needs surgical care to improve the quality of their life but they back out of the surgery because they can’t afford it? 

When it comes to spinal surgery or orthopedics many patients try to utilize health insurance in order to help with cost. Still, they are often met with Band-Aid solutions, pre-authorization requirements, and other roadblocks. By the time patients finally get approved for surgery, the cost is astronomical and the coverage is low. 

For many patients, the reality of surgery is put off, medically necessary surgery that would improve the lives of these patients, has to wait due to the excessive price point that is unreachable for many. Surgeons watch their patients delay or cancel their surgery due to the unattainable price point that the healthcare industry has propped up for decades. Not only does this make it difficult for patients to get the care that they need but it creates a large gap placing doctors and patients on one side and insurance coverage and shareholders on another. 

That’s where Smith Medical direct specialty care comes in. To address the most controversial aspect of healthcare to date, Smith Medical has moved past the traditional bounds of healthcare by cutting out insurance companies from its practice. Instead of relying on health insurance to cover the partial cost of surgical procedures, Smith Medical is a cash-pay surgical center that focuses on lowering the price for the average patient. 

Rather than wait around and go through all different types of subpar treatment, only to be laden with all sorts of different medical bills and wait for months and months, some patients even wait years for their surgery, Smith Medical has found a different way. 

Without the use of insurance, patients can get their surgery when they need it. For medically necessary surgeries such as a lumbar fusion, and orthopedic surgery, knee surgery or cataract surgery, Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care offers all of these services at a low and direct price. All of our costs for our surgeries are listed on our website to better prepare our patients for the financial cost of their surgery. 

We believe that everyone should understand the financial burdens that they are taking on whether that is a $5 latte or a $5,000 surgery. Pricing should be clear concise and easy to access for all. This is one of the fundamental things that patients complain about along with the high deductibles from insurance or lack of coverage in general. 

Direct specialty care is changing the narrative on how patients access health care. 

Benefits of Direct Specialty Care

Direct specialty care is a simplified healthcare model where patients pay directly for the services they receive, without going through an insurance company. This means that patients have more control over their care and can choose the providers and treatments that best meet their needs.

  • Better Doctors: Direct specialty care providers typically have more experience and expertise than those in traditional insurance-based systems. They are often leaders in their field and have dedicated their careers to providing high-quality care. The doctors that partner with Smith Medical have a mission to provide the best quality service for patients at the lowest price. Are surgeons passionate about providing exactly what patients need- honest doctors and straightforward prices. 
  • Lower cost: By eliminating the middleman (insurance companies), direct specialty care can significantly reduce the costs of surgery and other medical procedures. Patients can save up to 50% or more compared to what they would pay through insurance.
  • Personalized Care: Direct specialty care emphasizes a patient-centered approach. Providers take the time to get to know each patient, understand their individual needs, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Convenience: Direct specialty care providers often offer flexible scheduling and more convenient appointment times than traditional insurance-based doctors. Patients can typically schedule appointments quickly and easily.
  • Transparency: Patients have complete transparency into the costs of their care. They know exactly what they are paying for, without any hidden fees or surprises.

Our Services

Smith Medical, a leading provider of direct specialty care, has demonstrated the benefits of this model in its cash-pay surgery program. Smith Medical’s surgeons are highly experienced and specialize in a range of procedures, including orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, and pain management.

ENT: Ears, Nose, Throat


Lower Extremities: Ankle & Foot, Hip, Knee

Upper Extremities: Elbow, Shoulder, Wrist & Hand

Men’s and Women’s Health

General Surgery

By eliminating insurance companies from the equation, Smith Medical is able to offer surgery at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance-based care. For example, a total knee replacement at Smith Medical costs approximately $25,000, compared to an average of $50,000 or more through insurance.

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Direct specialty care is a promising alternative to traditional insurance-based healthcare. It offers patients access to better doctors, lower costs, personalized care, convenience, and transparency. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, direct specialty care is likely to play an increasingly significant role in providing patients with the quality and affordability they deserve.

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