One major issue with purchasing a PPO health coverage plan for your team is the lack of affordability when employees need to see a doctor. While PPO plans offer the flexibility to see any provider without needing a referral, they often come with higher monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs compared to other health insurance options. 

This can be particularly burdensome for small businesses or startups with limited resources. Additionally, even though employees have the freedom to choose their own healthcare providers within the PPO network, they may still incur significant expenses due to high coinsurance rates or gaps in health coverage for certain services. 

Therefore, it is crucial for employers to carefully evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of offering a PPO plan versus other more cost-effective health insurance alternatives in order to ensure that their team has access to quality healthcare that is also financially sustainable.

Unsatisfactory Health Coverage 

Many business owners and patients have expressed dissatisfaction with the current health coverage solutions available, leading to the creation of a new health plan. This new plan aims to address the concerns raised by both parties by offering more affordable and comprehensive coverage options. 

Business owners are seeking cost-effective plans that provide quality healthcare for their employees, while patients are looking for access to a wider range of services without breaking the bank. 

By working together with insurance providers and healthcare professionals, this new health plan seeks to bridge the gap between what business owners expect from their health coverage offerings and what patients need in terms of accessible and affordable care. 

Through thoughtful consideration of all stakeholders’ needs, this initiative demonstrates a proactive approach to improving the overall healthcare system for both businesses and individuals alike.

Design a Better Employee Health Plan

Buyer beware when choosing a plan from a national provider with a PPO network and PBM. This will lead you and your members to consume health care and medicine that enriches the insurance system rather than providing a true healthcare program for your employees and reducing company costs.

Creating a healthcare plan for your employees that is truly supportive of their healthcare needs is the first step to protecting your business.

When you utilize direct-to-consumer healthcare you can create individualized plans that cut the fat from traditionally overpriced premium healthcare plans- instead, you can create a quality plan that truly covers your employee’s needs, rather than a generic catch-all traditional insurance option. 

For businesses, benefits advisors, and brands creating employee health plans with Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care, we focus on transparency and upfront costs for surgery.

Experienced doctors and surgeons for procedural care right at your employee’s fingertips, from pre-operative to post-operative a singular price houses the cost of each surgical procedure we perform at Smith Medical. Our focus is to support patients through affordable specialty care. 

Getting Started With Smith is Easy

If you are a Benefits Advisor solving for cost for your clients, Smith Medical is the answer.

Contracting Directly with Smith Medical is easier than you think.

Traditional health plans cost too much and are unsustainable for both companies and Employees.

  • Smith Medical is the fastest path so fair transparent surgical pricing.
  • Our open and transparent pricing model helps your clients comply with CAA and Fiduciary Benchmarking requirements.
  • Integrating Smith Medical is easy to do. No plan changes are needed. And you can activate Smith Medical mid-plan year.

We get it, contracting directly is different. The world of healthcare is changing. Is your benefit strategy keeping pace? Partner with Smith to elevate your game and receive the best health coverage.

How Smith Medical Works

Stop the increasing cost cycle for inadequate health coverage 

1. Visit our site and learn about why fair and transparent pricing is the answer to your healthcare needs.

2. Compare your PPO pricing with Smith Medical pricing.

3. Contract us at or connect with Zero Card, Fair Market Health, or Savvos to save with Smith Medical. 

Your clients and their employees are going to love Smith Medical. 

Stop settling for status quo pricing and unaffordable care. Every day Americans are putting off the care they need. Smith Medical helps you change this. Partner with Smith Medical to change the cycle. Be the hero and lead your clients to the light of transparent pricing.

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