Direct Specialty Care presents an affordable, revolutionary alternative to exorbitant medical costs. The traditional model, burdened by high deductibles and complex insurance systems, often imposes a heavy financial strain on patients, especially when dealing with intricate and costly procedures.

Direct Specialty Care cuts through this red tape, providing transparent, upfront pricing that eliminates the shock of unexpected bills. This transparency empowers patients to make informed decisions about their care, without the fear of financial ruin. The goal of this healthcare model is to remove the complications of medical billing and allow patients to truly advocate for their needs without the factor of an unknown financial burden. 

This shift also allows for more equitable access to quality healthcare, as the cost barrier is lowered, enabling a wider range of individuals to seek the expert care they need. By prioritizing patient well-being and accessibility, Direct Specialty Care is not only saving patients money, but also building a more just and compassionate healthcare system, where procedures are no longer a financial lifeline for insurance companies, but a cornerstone of improved health outcomes for individuals.

Simplifying Healthcare For The Average American

 Our goal is to destigmatize the bad rap that healthcare in the United States receives regarding pricing, understanding diagnosis, patient education, and doctor-patient relationships. Cost is at the forefront of each patient’s mind, and on average, we want to know what each service will cost, how affordable it is, and how to fit in into our finances. 

We understand that healthcare costs can be a burden for many individuals, that’s why our prices are clearly stated on our website, and clearly defined during our appointments, without any surprise billing. 

There are over 320 million people living in the United States, and each person will require healthcare at some point. With so many stakeholders invested in the system, making any changes is challenging due to concerns about personal and professional impact. That’s where Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care comes in. Our goal is to reshape how you view healthcare and transform your experience into something filled with caring professionals who guide you towards your health goals.

Straightforward Pricing and Transparent Care

Getting direct specialty care straight from the source is changing the game for patients and even how big companies handle healthcare. This cuts out the middleman, saves money, and makes sure employees get the help they need right away. It’s a whole new way of looking at healthcare, and it’s making a big difference for everyone involved. 

Discover all the surgical procedure options you may need at each stage of your life in one place with Smith Medical.  We treat: 

  • Upper Extremities
  • Men and Women’s Health
  • Lower Extremities
  • Eye
  • Oral/Jaw
  • ENT
  • General 
  • Urology

What We Offer Our Patients

  • Enjoy the convenience of no copays or service fees when accessing your healthcare services.
  • No Third-Party Billing refers to a policy or practice where a company does not allow any third-party entity to handle or process billing on behalf of a customer, including insurance companies. This means that all billing and payment processes must be directly handled between Smith Medical and our patients, without involving any intermediaries or third-party billing services.
  • Short office wait times, meaning, our patients can immediately see their healthcare provider. This can lead to a more efficient and pleasant experience for patients, allowing them to spend less time in the waiting room and more time with their doctor or healthcare professional. Short wait times can also indicate that the healthcare provider’s office is well-managed and respects their patients’ time.
  • Direct Access to Your Provider. Our mission is to change the healthcare industry by connecting like-minded individuals to innovative and affordable medical expenses for surgeries that patients truly need. We do this by allowing a clear line or communication between our surgeons and patients. 

Get the Care You Deserve 

Unlike surgery with insurance, the focus of Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is to provide an avenue for patients to have transparency and choice over their medical decisions. Smith Medical created a healthcare model based on accessibility, transparency, simplicity and connection. We aim to be the primary surgical center in Denver, Colorado that patients can trust and feel nurtured.

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