Excision mass face scalp

Excision of a mass on the face or scalp is a surgical procedure recommended to patients who have a growth in one of these two locations.

excision of mass
Excision mass face scalp


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Excision mass face scalp Procedure

Excision of a mass on the face or scalp is a surgical procedure that is recommended to patients who have a growth in one of these two locations. Excision may become necessary for various reasons but is most commonly recommended to patients if it is suspected to be cancerous. Other times, patients may opt to get noncancerous growths removed for cosmetic reasons. If the excision was recommended to determine if the growth is cancerous, a sample will be sent to a lab for results.

When is This Procedure Necessary?

The excision of a mass on the face or scalp may become medically necessary if the growth is cancerous, infected, or poses any other threat. This procedure can also be performed if the patient wants it removed for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes, large masses in these regions can also cause pain when speaking or moving the face, in which case removal is often necessary.

What To Expect

Patients will be under local or general anesthesia to ensure their comfort throughout the procedure. The surgeon will identify the mass and will make a small incision over the area to prepare for removal. The surgeon will use specialized tools to carefully remove it. If there is a suspicion the mass is cancerous, the surgeon will save the mass to send it for testing. Once the goal of the procedure has been achieved, the surgeon will close the incision and the patient will be monitored as they are removed from the anesthesia.

Following the surgery, patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the affected area. To promote proper healing and minimize scarring, it is essential to keep the surgical site clean and dry. Patients should avoid touching or picking at the incision site and follow any specific instructions provided by their healthcare provider. Pain medications may be prescribed to manage discomfort during the recovery process.

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