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Straightforward Pricing and Quality Care.

At Smith Medical, we are dedicated to premier patient care at an affordable price for everyone. Our state-of-the-art multispecialty facilities are operated by only the most talented of surgeons. The care provided at Smith Medical elevates the standard of typical surgical care.

We take pride in our competitive pricing. It is ideal for individuals or businesses with high deductibles or those who are self-insured at a large corporation. Our facility offers unbeatable quality and pricing even if you have no insurance. The cost of a procedure is the first thing a patient will consider when recommended for surgery, which is why cost transparency is a priority among our surgeons.

Our goal at Smith Medical is focused on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of the costs upfront. All fees are combined in package pricing, so our patients have clarity regarding rates.

Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer these prices. Since Smith Medical takes care of all its expenses, our objective is to provide you with the medical care you need at a reduced rate.

We focus on quality care, putting the patient and their needs before anything else. We wish to make the surgical care you need as stress-free as possible. Our commitment to providing you with the best quality care possible is immeasurable.

Meet The Team

Smith Medical was designed by a board of directors and passionate physicians who wanted to provide direct surgical care to the public and make it accessible to all. With the market shift, Smith Medical has recognized patients as new payers who are focused on taking control of their own health and wellness. From hip, knee, neck, or anything in between, Smith Medical offers quality care to every patient. Our leadership team designed Smith Medical to house a surgical care model that allows patients to quickly understand pre-packaged services with direct pricing while providing inclusive and premium patient care.

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When you join Smith Medical you are working to create a world that focuses on transparent, high-quality healthcare solutions. Our goal is to empower physicians and patients to achieve better surgical delivery, services, and pricing. Our physicians are highly trained experts in their respective specialties who not only provide top-tier healthcare, but believe in treating patients as people and responsibly accommodating patient needs while respecting their values and beliefs.

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