Become a Part of Smith Medical

Why Become a Provider?

As a direct-pay specialty care provider, you have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of patients in need of surgical services, ultimately improving their health and well-being without the hang-ups of traditional healthcare. 

The traditional healthcare model poses many challenges for providers, and often takes away their ability to provide thorough care. Direct specialty care removes the barriers placed by insurance agencies, and allows the patient and provider to make important medical decisions. Smith Medical believes in upfront pricing and healthcare cost transparency, helping patients get the procedures they need with fair cost and quality services.

Who We Serve

  • Employers looking for better price points for their employees.
  • Individuals looking for premium surgical care.
  • Patients with minimal insurance coverage or high deductibles.
  • Patients without insurance coverage. 
  • Self-insured patients. 

Provider Incentives

As a no-insurance healthcare provider, we have physician ownership and management which means our profits and costs are solely based on each service. Eliminating insurance middlemen results in lower costs for patients and providers, enabling providers to be paid fairly for their services.


Ready to join the Smith Medical Network? Here’s how to get started: 
  1. Request participation in the Smith Medical network by completing our online request form whether you are a medical healthcare professional, physician, or non-physician. 
  2. Your application will be evaluated based on the current needs of our services. 
  3. You will be contacted by a Smith Medical professional regarding the status of your application.
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