Ventral Hernia
A ventral hernia, also known as an abdominal hernia, is a protrusion of the intestines or other tissue.
Procedure - Ventral Hernia
Ventral Hernia


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Ventral Hernia Procedure

A ventral hernia, also known as an abdominal hernia, is a protrusion of the intestines or other tissue. This condition can develop if there is a point of weakness in the abdominal wall. Patients can identify this condition if they notice a bugle that protrudes occasionally from the front of the abdominal wall. There are three different types of ventral hernias; epigastric, umbilical, and incisional.

Ventral hernias can result in various symptoms including, but not limited to, pain, nausea, and irritation at the site of the hernia. Although not all hernias require surgical intervention, patients need to visit their doctor to ensure it is not something to worry about.

When is This Procedure Necessary?

Patients who have been diagnosed with a ventral hernia, but are asymptomatic, do not necessarily need surgery. There are a few cases where this condition may warrant surgical intervention.

Doctors may recommend ventral hernia repair surgery if:

  • The patient cannot push the hernia back in.
  • Patients experience painful symptoms.
  • The patient has an umbilical hernia and it does not go away after three years.

What To Expect

The surgical process involves opening the affected area, pushing displaced organs back into their original positions, and reinforcing the weakened abdominal wall with mesh or sutures to prevent recurrence. Surgeons may employ various techniques such as primary closure, component separation, or laparoscopic-assisted procedures depending on factors including patient history and surgeon expertise.

Ventral Hernia with Smith Medical

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