Muscle Biopsy

A muscle biopsy is a diagnostic procedure performed to identify or detect a disease or infection affecting the muscles.

Muscle Biopsy


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Muscle Biopsy Procedure

A muscle biopsy is a diagnostic procedure performed to identify or detect a disease or infection affecting the muscles. This procedure is typically performed by a neuromuscular disease specialist or a surgeon with experience in collecting biopsy samples. This procedure involves the removal of a small sample of muscle tissue, typically from the upper arm or thigh. This sample will offer insight into different diseases or infections present in the muscle tissue. Once a diagnosis is formed, the specialist can recommend treatment options depending on what the patient needs.

When is This Procedure Necessary?

Patients may consider undergoing a muscle biopsy if they present symptoms indicative of neuromuscular disorders, such as unexplained muscle weakness, atrophy, and other signs. A muscle biopsy can present crucial insights into the underlying cause and severity of the patient’s condition. Patients may recognize muscle abnormalities if they experience muscle pain or weakness that does not go away with time.

What To Expect

If you experience persistent muscle pain and weakness, your physician or specialist may recommend a muscle biopsy. This can help your doctor determine the cause of your discomfort. Prior to this short procedure, patients are typically given a local anesthetic to numb the area where the biopsy will be performed. Next, the doctor will insert a special needle into the target muscle to obtain a tissue sample. This sample is then sent to a pathology laboratory for examination. This laboratory will use various tools and tests to identify what is causing the patient’s symptoms.

Patients may experience pain around the biopsy site in the days following, which can be managed using anti-inflammatory pain medications. Biopsy results are typically returned within two weeks. Depending on the result, your doctor can help you determine your next steps.

Muscle Biopsy with Smith Medical

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