Carpal Tunnel Release


Carpal tunnel release is a surgical procedure to provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome by releasing pressure on the median nerve in the wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Release


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About Carpal Tunnel Release

This is a common condition for individuals who frequently participate in activities that require grasping movements. This condition can be very painful and can manifest painful symptoms including numbness, tingling, and burning sensations. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you must be proactive in your treatment.

Some patients can manage their symptoms through conservative methods. However, further treatment including carpal tunnel release may be necessary for certain instances. Carpal tunnel release surgery is a safe and effective procedure. If you are experiencing difficulty performing everyday activities due to carpal tunnel syndrome, this procedure could offer an effective solution. 

When is this Procedure Necessary?

Oftentimes, patients can manage carpal tunnel symptoms through a combination of conservative therapies including physical therapy and anti-inflammatory pain medications. Unfortunately, however, these treatments do not treat the underlying condition. Patients who experience severe carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms may consider surgery. 

Patients may consider surgery if:

  • Conservative efforts are ineffective
  • The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are severe
  • The pain is disabling

This procedure is an excellent solution for patients experiencing debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. If you are struggling to manage your symptoms through conservative treatments, this procedure may offer a solution for your pain.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Before your procedure, your surgeon will discuss the surgical process with you so you are prepared. Make sure you have someone with you to drive you home, as you will not be able to after your procedure. It is important to follow any directions your doctor has to ensure the procedure is successful. 

During a carpal tunnel release procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the wrist. Next, they will cut through the ligament that is pressing down on the carpal tunnel. This increases the space in the median nerve, resulting in less pain and increased function. 

After a carpal tunnel release surgery, the patient should expect to experience some discomfort. This pain should slowly go away as the site heals from the surgery. By the time the hand has healed after several weeks of rest, patients will notice a significant improvement in function.

Carpal Tunnel Release at Smith Medical

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