With healthcare coverage becoming more expensive, businesses struggle to offer competitive benefits and recruit effectively. Choosing the right health coverage involves evaluating costs and the range of services covered to meet business and employee needs.

Smith Medical bypasses traditional healthcare barriers like insurance approvals and hidden fees. Our board-certified physicians focus on quality patient care and transparent pricing, and through our health plan businesses provide thorough coverage for their employees.

Whether you are just starting your small business or you are shopping around for better recruitment tools, most businesses are looking for health coverage for their employees. The problem that business owners repeatedly run into in 2024 is that they want to provide useful and effective health coverage to their employees.

When it comes to health needs beyond the run-of-the-mill sick visit, or annual check-up or even seeing a specialist for moderate care,  patients can run into a problem with coverage when their employers invest in traditional PPO health plans. 

Patients are finding that their traditional healthcare plans do not cover them, and employers are paying inflated healthcare costs yet not getting what they paid for. Between skyrocketing premiums, large deductibles, inflation, and surprising billing, no one seems to be happy with the current state of health insurance. 

Health Plan For Surgery Coverage

Did you know that private industry employers paid upward of 67% of premiums for family medical coverage but workers who were a part of those plans paid the remaining 33 %? Employers paid 59 % of premiums for workers with the lowest 10 % of wages and 71 % of premiums for workers with the highest 10 % of wages.

It’s crazy to think that with such a high percentage of payment coming directly from business owners, employers are still not receiving adequate healthcare coverage, especially for something as serious as surgery. 

Transparency and access are two key elements for what patients are looking for and as a business owner looking to create a benefits program that will be easy to follow, provide true employee incentive when scouting for new talent and supporting current employees. 

This can come together by creating a health plan rather than utilizing the expensive premiums that traditional health insurance offers. The direct solution for better health coverage starts with creating a health plan that works for your particular business needs. 

It may sound intimidating but it’s much easier than most people think, and it is a cost-effective alternative. 

Advantages of Ditching Traditional Healthcare

For most business owners, the goal is to stay within budget without sacrificing quality coverage for their employees. Benefits packages are an important part of why someone might want to join your company as an employee and it’s important to provide the best. But with insurance premiums rising and coverage dwindling, it’s becoming more and more difficult to truly provide employees with effective health coverage. 

Choosing the expensive healthcare group plan doesn’t mean that all of your employees get the coverage they need- so what is the solution? 

Ditch traditional healthcare group coverage and focusing on direct contracting with trusted healthcare providers. Create a health plan instead of using health insurance that keeps rising in cost.  

At Smith Medical we offer businesses customized package pricing through direct-contracting for surgical services, that way your cost as a business is reasonable, and the cost as a patient is as well. 

Direct Contracting With Smith Medical

For business owners looking for a cost-effective supplemental healthcare solution that employees will actually be able to benefit from, Smith Medical offers a direct-contracting solution that doesn’t waste money for your business. This health plan saves both your employees and your business on cost.

Here’s how it works. When you connect with us you can create a customizable option for your employers allowing you to control your healthcare spending as a whole. We have hundreds of surgical options available through our coverage packages which will allow you to reduce your healthcare spending, increase your employee satisfaction over coverage, and save you time and energy trying to navigate high premiums through traditional insurance PPO models. 

We choose to work with businesses and organizations that are looking to provide a better care model for their employees. We understand that providing health benefits can be a crucial decision for a business. Our flexible programs can help attract and retain high-quality employees.

Contracting directly feels different. So does fair transparent pricing. Our goal at Smith Medical is focused on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of the costs upfront. All fees are combined in package pricing, so our patients have clarity regarding rates. Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer competitive pricing at a fraction of PPO’s.

Our platform partners make it easy to get started. Contact Us today or connect with Zero Card, Fair Market Health, Coral or Savvos to save with Smith Medical.

If you are ready to get started and stop the increasing cost cycle for inadequate health coverage we can help. Let us make you a custom health plan today! 

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