How do Affordable Surgery Options work?

Looking for stress-free surgical procedures is complicated as it is, so if you are looking for affordable surgery options, you might be looking high and low for the right surgery center. Smith Medical Direct-Pay Surgical Care is a surgical center that offers a range of surgeries for all different body parts. This is a cash-based surgical practice that is insurance-free provides better access to a range of patients, and focuses on straightforward and upfront pricing. 

From our website, patients can find the all-inclusive pricing listed for each one of the surgeries we perform at our facility. 

Quality medical care starts with doctors whose primary values place patient needs first. We pride ourselves in transparent pricing and practices while treating all who come through our doors with integrity and compassion on their journey to better their health. 

If you or someone you love needs guidance when looking for information on a particular surgical procedure or future surgical options our website outlines the parts of the body that we have surgeries for: 

This streamlined approach results in quicker diagnoses, more effective treatment plans, and improved outcomes for patients with complex medical conditions. Patients have more time to engage with their specialists and ask questions about their health concerns when they receive direct specialty care. This increased communication and collaboration ultimately leads to better patient satisfaction and greater overall well-being.

Don’t Over Pay For Healthcare Ever Again

Americans have one of the largest healthcare economies in the world…and yet we are often some of the most unhealthy and under-cared for because the healthcare industry is broken. Insurer-employer agreements are failing patients with the bare minimum in coverage, while patients and employers are at a loss for what to do to get the care they need. 

The cost of care seems to rise more and more each year, while the quality of care and quality of coverage declines. Direct specialty care is the doctor-led, value-based care system that is changing how patients look at surgical care and healthcare in general. 

Direct specialty care cuts out the middleman that is insurance and allows facilities to charge lower rates for surgical procedures, pay their doctors directly, and provide patients with faster care due to the fact that we specialize in surgical procedures rather than a range of things. 

Better Wait Times With Direct Specialty Care

Direct specialty care allows patients to connect with quality specialists who do not have lengthy wait times for places that provide surgeries such as clinics, hospitals or private practice. Oftentimes healthcare practices have a range of different services and stages of care that they are attending to with multiple patients at a time. 

Some patients may come in for a diagnosis, treatment, check-ups, consultations, or post-surgical care, and for most practices, a doctor will schedule in a surgery along with all of the other patients they are attending to. This takes time when working with traditional medicine. 

Right now, a large portion of patients are not able to see a specialist due to a lack of availability and filled schedules. Many practices are booking new patients two to three months in advance just for an initial consultation visit. 

Direct specialty care intends to solve this problem by connecting patients directly to available specialists. This is especially important for patients who are experiencing significant health issues and are not able to find care that puts them and their needs first. 

From a traditional healthcare approach, patients are expected to undergo extensive diagnostic testing and conservative therapies before they can even consider more serious treatment. 

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