If you are struggling with arthritis and have been told that surgery may be a good option, you may be wondering if an ankle replacement or an ankle fusion is right for you. Read about the differences between an ankle fusion and an ankle replacement in our article. 

What is an Ankle Fusion?

An ankle fusion is usually suggested for people who experience debilitating arthritis pain. As time goes on, the bones in the ankle can rub against each other and make the cartilage wear away. This wearing away can cause the ankle joint to get swollen and inflamed.

During ankle fusion surgery, the doctor will move the bones in a way that helps new growth happen between them. This treatment works well for people who have severe ankle pain due to arthritis.

Patients who choose fusions are typically looking for a permanent solution to ankle pain, and may also have sister conditions that have led to nerve damage, blood supply issues, or dead tissue. 

What is an Ankle Replacement?

For patients who have a damaged ankle joint undergoing an ankle replacement with an artificial implant may be the right choice. Patients who struggle with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis may notice damaged parts of the tibia and talus bone within the ankle. 

An ankle replacement is a surgery that allows patients to resume more active pastimes and the joint is replaced with an artificial ankle joint to best mimic the natural movement of the ankle. 

If you or a loved one have questions such as how long will it take to recover from ankle replacement surgery or what is ankle replacement surgery, learn more about it by visiting our procedure page

What Treatment Do You Need? 

Both surgeries are commonly performed at Smith Medical by our board-certified surgeons who are committed to quality care for all of our patients. 

Talking to your doctor will help you determine what type of ankle surgery is appropriate for your specific condition. Depending on the level of arthritis that takes place in the ankle and your symptoms such as stiffness, pain, difficulty walking, or inflammation, your joints may need a fusion rather than a replacement. 

Ankle replacements are typically recommended for patients when end-stage arthritis is discovered. Fusions are ideas for ankle joints that have been worn down and have been impacted by a lack of mobility. Direct specialty care is the ideal option for both surgeries to receive top-quality care. 

To learn more about what surgical procedure is right for your ankle condition, reach out to Smith Medical and schedule an appointment. 

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care

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We prioritize transparency by providing clear healthcare pricing. Smith Medical strives to provide upfront cost information to patients. By offering competitive pricing, we aim to cater to individuals or businesses with high deductibles or those who choose to be self-insured.

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