What is a One-Level Lumbar Fusion? 

For those who are looking for a better approach than conservative treatment to their degenerative spine condition, consider a one-level lumbar fusion surgery. During this procedure, two vertebrae in the lumbar spine are fused. 

Spinal stenosis and herniated discs are common degenerative spine conditions treated with this procedure. Lumbar spine stabilization and mobility are the overall goals of this surgery. Smith Medical Direct-Pay Specialty Care focuses on a variety of spine procedures and provides quality care.

Before You Start

Before you undergo surgery there are a few things to consider: 

  1. Try conservative treatment first: Back pain can be effectively managed with hot and cold therapy, physical therapy, and pain medication. 
  2. Insurance vs. noninsurance: Traditional healthcare has a handful of requirements from insurance, to undergoing alternative treatment longer than necessary before your 
  3. Our competitive pricing is one of our greatest strengths: It is ideal for individuals or businesses with high deductibles or those who are self-insured at a large corporation. Whether you have insurance or not, our facility offers unbeatable quality and pricing. We believe cost transparency is one of the most important factors in guiding our surgeons when they recommend a procedure to a patient.

As with any spine surgery, patients are encouraged to try conservative treatment methods before surgery. However, patients may consider a spinal fusion if conservative methods are ineffective. Although spine surgery is often an effective option, there are risks associated with it so it should never be a patient’s first choice.

Before Your Lumbar Fusion Surgery

The preop stage of surgery is deeply information. In this stage, the surgeon connects with the patient to inform them of if they can or cannot eat the morning of their surgery, prepare the home, and provide detailed instructions. 

Often the day of the surgery patients are instructed to take their prescribed medication in the morning with water and wear clean loose-flitting clothing to the surgery. It’s recommended to wear glasses instead of contact lenses and patients who have dentures are asked to bring a contain so that they have a place to put them in the event that they need to take them out.

The Procedure

On the day of your surgical procedure at Smith Medical, your surgeon and his or her team will provide you with specific instructions that are crucial to follow for your level-one lumbar fusion surgery.

You will be asked to come in at a certain time of day, typically two hours before surgery so your pre-op nurse will check your vitals, do a physical assessment, and take notes that are needed on your chart.

This will also serve as an opportunity to ask any last-minute questions, the patient changes into their surgical gown, and an IV is given to the patient. A staff member will mark the surgery site for your level-on lumbar fusion, and be placed under general anesthesia so the board-certified surgeon can start the operation.


Post-back surgery care is critical to the recovery process, aiming to promote optimal healing and minimize complications while promoting the best outcomes. Following a surgical procedure such as one-level lumbar fusion, it is important to adhere to specific guidelines provided by healthcare professionals to ensure a successful recovery. 

This typically involves implementing proper wound care techniques, like keeping the incision site clean and dry while regularly changing dressings when you are at home. Due to the strain the surgery places on the body, some patients may need assistance with everyday activities such as bathing or dressing at first. It is important to follow pain management strategies such as taking prescribed medications on time and using ice or heat therapy techniques to reduce discomfort during the healing process.

The Smith Medical Difference

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care offers self-pay-patients direct medical treatment from providers at a reduced cost, instead of relying on traditional medical insurance. This eliminates recurring financial obligations such as deductibles, high premiums, and the need for insurer approval of surgical treatments.

More patients are seeking alternative healthcare options due to limited insurance coverage, self-insurance, or a desire to find the best surgeons, rather than sticking to in-network providers.

At Smith Medical, we have a single price point for every surgical service we provide, that way there are no unexpected costs, hidden fees, or unpredictable pricing. For a one-level lumbar fusion our current cost for the 2024 year is $38,000.

Learn more about our Denver surgical site and this operation read about it on our procedure page.

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