Looking for a scalable health plan for your company that fits into your budget? Offering health benefits that truly support your employees doesn’t need to break the bank. Traditional group coverage never quite works for a team of employees as a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, consider contracting with health organizations, a cost-conscious option that will fit the needs of your business and employees through custom packaging. 

Direct specialty care isn’t typically the first option that benefits advisors think of when they are renewing healthcare contracts for their company. Instead of working with big-name brand insurance companies that have high premiums, and leave employees feeling like they still don’t have enough coverage, Smith Medical offers direct specialty care surgery options for patients. 

Contracting directly with providers like us is a great option to combat the lack of coverage and obscure PPO networks that overcharge instead of overpaying for healthcare coverage that doesn’t truly support you and your team. 

What is Direct Contracting? 

Rather than going through an insurance company, direct-to-employer (D2E) contracting involves self-insured employers working directly with medical care providers, and that is exactly what we are doing here at Smith Medical. This is ideal for curating a custom health benefits plan.

At Smtih Medical we work with benefit advisors to create an appropriate price point for surgical coverage for employees rather than charging a premium that isn’t fully utilized by patients or found to be affordable for everything. 

As employees and benefits advisors shift away from traditional healthcare constructs, they leverage healthcare pricing transparency, direct relationships with providers, and cash-level pricing, thereby reducing the cost of traditional health plans by 20-50%.

Essentially, high-performance healthcare changes how employers purchase and pay for healthcare. Patients see the same providers for much less cost by removing the middle layers of traditional health plans.

Without the middleman that is insurance employees and employees find that they have reduced costs for coverage and care. 

How We Help Benefits Advisors

Benefit advisors who are looking to spend their money wisely for their organization would benefit from direct contracting to make a specific healthcare coverage plan rather than focus on pre-packaged insurance. Not only does this help with employee retention but it allows employers to have high-performance options that are affordable for everyone from Smith Medical’s surgical options. Health benefits are important to employees and employers alike.

Keeping costs low, while providing staff with wonderful benefits provides incentives to future employees, and current ones and shows the world that your company truly cares about who they hire. 

Instead of feeling pinched due to the rising cost of health coverage creating a high-performance healthcare coverage plan allows those gaps in employer coverage to be filled. 

Our surgical services cover a range of needs from head to toe. From upper extremities, eyes, ENT, general surgery, urology, spine surgeries, and more, we provide options depending on our patient’s needs. Together, we can put together the ideal health benefits surgery package that suits you and your team.

How To Get Started With Smith Medical

Nearly 60 percent of those reported difficulties with their insurance coverage and 15%  said their health declined due to complications within health insurance according to a New York Times article. Support your employees by providing customized health plan packages for you and your team rather than relying on pre-made health insurance bundles that don’t provide the health benefits your team needs. 

We can help you find a cost-controlled plan that meets your workforce’s needs and ensures that your team doesn’t go without surgical coverage. 

Our cash-based, transparent, pricing model allows us to lower costs for our consumers and pay our surgeons directly. This means we provide quality surgical procedures at upfront, lower costs for everyone we work with especially for our health benefits plan.

Instead of struggling with traditional healthcare providers who have high deductibles and don’t meet the needs of employees, our goal is to provide quality services, at lower rates so patients can afford it and businesses are not paying higher premiums. 

You can help your clients reduce healthcare costs by avoiding traditional benefits and contracting with us today. Optimize healthcare care coverage today by contacting us and learning more.

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