Business owners are looking high and lower for better healthcare options for their employees. Healthcare coverage for companies is getting more and more expensive and this makes it harder for businesses to recruit competitive talent with strong incentives. 

Offering health coverage is a major decision for business owners and when looking for a plan that fits the needs of your business and the needs of your employees it’s important to consider things like costs, and the health services covered. For those who are looking for better and more flexible benefit offerings, it may be time to consider ditching traditional healthcare models and looking into direct contracting. 

What is Direct Contracting? 

A direct contracting arrangement cuts out the traditional insurance carrier, allowing employers and health systems to work together directly. In many cases, companies – usually self-funded employers – partner with specific providers for certain types of care. 

Smith Medical in particular is focused on helping companies align their costs and coverage with high-quality surgical care packaged care. This allows brands to communicate their exact needs and create a transparent and effective relationship with healthcare providers. 

Our goal at Smith Medical is to provide cash-based rates with upfront and transparent price points to all of our patients, and this is the ideal environment to create a direct-to-employer arrangement. With better communication, transparency over prices, and fewer points of contact for employees to receive actual coverage, instead focused on patient-centered care. 

Smith Medical Services

Smith Medical offers affordable premier medical care. Our multispecialty facilities offer state-of-the-art treatments from top-of-the-line surgeons, elevating traditional surgical care for consumer access. Patients consider cost first when they are recommended for surgery, which is why Smith Medical focuses on up-front pricing.

At Smith Medical we are a direct-pay surgical care center focused on great care from top surgeons with fair, transparent pricing for each service we offer. We offer a pricing tool based on each procedure type. Our pricing information is a non-insurance-based cost; part of our goal is to provide hundreds of medical procedures at lower costs for accessibility and convenience. Whether our patients have medical issues that are in their eye, that are spine or ENT-related, men’s or women’s health, and more, we have a range of procedure options. 

We understand that the current healthcare model prevents patients from getting the care they need when they need it. Our goal is to bypass the traditional hang-ups that come with surgical procedures such as insurance approvals, cost barriers, hidden fees, and lack of quality patient care. Smith Medical is proud to introduce patient-driven healthcare led by our board-certified physicians and informed patient insights.

Smith Medical For Business

At Smith Medical our surgery center is a patient-centric practice that exclusively focuses on surgical procedures at cash-pay rates. Our goal is to help large companies that are self-insured or small companies in risk pool insurance groups progress their offerings for employees by creating a healthcare care coverage plan using a direct-contracting technique. 

When direct contracting with Smith Medical your employees would be covered for their surgical needs based upon the health coverage plan we create. Not only will this help reduce healthcare costs for employers as a business, or organization, but it’s a convenient way to be able to take better care of your employees and hire and keep quality talent. 

This is why we have always chosen to work with businesses and organizations that are looking to provide a better care model for their employees. We understand that providing health benefits can be a crucial decision for a business. Our flexible programs can help attract and retain high-quality employees.

How Coverage Works

If you are seeking health coverage or medical care for your business and employees, Smith Medical Direct Pay Specialty Care offers unique and individual package plans to meet your needs, as opposed to traditional health insurance.

Our goal at Smith Medical is focused on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of the costs upfront. All fees are bundled in our package pricing, providing our patients with transparent rates. Thanks to our physician ownership and management, we can offer competitive coverage.

To determine your coverage as a business or entity, please contact us directly to learn more about enrollment. We prioritize the provision of quality care by placing our patients’ needs above all else. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch care is immeasurable.

Smith Medical wants to become an approved provider of surgical care for you and your brand. Connect with us today. All of it is a quick form fill, and we can get back to you so you can learn more.

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