Smith Medical is a cash-based practice that focuses on quality medical care using direct-pay surgical services. Unlike traditional healthcare models where patients are required to use health insurance to have health coverage, direct pay care is a fee-for-service billing format that works similarly to all other goods and services. 

In this healthcare model, patients can receive clear price points for each other services offered at Smith Medical. 

Patients consider cost first when they are recommended for surgery, which is why Smith Medical focuses on up-front pricing. Healthcare has been the only service you buy without knowing the price upfront, but we are changing this. At Smith Medical we provide excellent care, from leading surgeons with fair, transparent pricing.

Our goal is to eliminate the traditional hang-ups that come with surgical procedures, such as insurance approvals, cost barriers, hidden fees, and poor patient care.

Benefits of Direct Surgical Care

  1. Stop Impersonal Surgical Care

We all want to connect with doctors who truly feel like they care about us when we are sitting in a patient’s room. From the moment we first meet the specialist we are working with to when we get down to details of what surgery will entail, it’s important that patients personally connect with their physician to build trust. 

It’s hard to say yes to surgery, or any kind of care, if you don’t feel comfortable or don’t have a relationship with your doctor. Having to head to the doctor feels stressful enough, so it truly makes a difference when patients can have a personal connection with their surgeon. 

At Smith Medical Surgical Care of Denver, the goal for our doctor-patient relationships is to make sure that patients have trust and understanding and feel comfortable each visit. Our goal is to the remove typical discomfort that patients experience in medical settings that are filled with uncertainty.  We do this by spending time with our patients, listening to what their symptoms are, and getting to know what their needs are rather than rushing through our appointments. 

Our doctors and surgeons are not pressured by insurance companies to see a certain amount of patients a day and rush them in and out of the office. We take our time, connect intentionally about what our patient’s needs are, and go from there. 

  1. Competitive Surgical Care

The current healthcare system seems to only become more and more expensive for patients, without offering quality care to match its value. 

At Smith Medical we are focused on insurance-free direct specialty care with prices upfront so that patients pay a set price for the services they receive. Seeing prices upfront provides patients with informed consent over what they are paying for, and holds healthcare services accountable for their price markups. 

Over time with the increase of direct pay healthcare providers competition with an increase for cash-pay services helped to drive the price down and create better accessibility for all patients. By placing our pricing at the start of our interaction with patients, like every other industry tends to do, we support patients to make the best and most informed consumer decisions for themselves. 

  1. Faster Surgical Process

Comprehensive surgical care can take time when it comes to the process and scheduling for hospitals or outpatient clinics to start the journey towards surgery. For patients who are looking to fast-track the surgery process, book a first time patient appointment, get testing and diagnosistcs done in a timely manner and schedule the surgery date, traditional healthcare systems have an extremely slow process.

Instead, direct specialty care offers patients an straightforward route to successfully connect with our multidisciplinary facility due to the specialization of services. We focus on surgeries and procedures, and do not have to attend to generalized or conservative treatment for a range of patients. 

Waiting for surgeries over long periods of time can lead to issues such as further health decline and psychological consequences as well. Not only does it create anxiety with the process of waiting to get your surgery done but it can lead to worse symptoms within the body over time. 

With Smith Medical patients have faster surgical scheduling times and get the care they need. 

Connect With Smith Medical

Smith Medical is focused on offering patients a range of premier surgery options. We offer both traditional and modern surgical techniques from a range of board-certified surgeons who are well-know and sought after doctors of Denver. From ENT, spine, orthopedics, general surgery and more, Smith Medical is designed for transparent and upfront pricing with easy scheduling. 

If you would like to learn more about our surgical process contact with us today.

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