Patients who are searching for the right surgeon to perform a cochlear implant procedure on themselves or a loved one understand that one of the main factors at play has to do with cost. 

When paying less for healthcare, patients find it difficult to get a straightforward cost breakdown due to the involvement of insurance or obscured pricing fees, yet every other industry provides upfront pricing for their procedures or services. 

Smith Medical has designed a lower healthcare-cost surgical structure that focuses on easy-to-follow healthcare pricing, found right on its website. Instead of learning about pricing after insurance is involved, receiving multiple surprise bills, and extra fees, Smith Medical prices surgeries at one upfront cost. 

Cochlear Implants Surgery in Denver

Cochlear implants are a great option for patients who want to improve communication and the quality of their lives if they are struggling with severe hearing loss. Often this is a procedure that comes doctor recommended by a hospital or clinic that is referred out for the patients. However, that is not the only option for patients who want to learn about clear pricing or don’t have great insurance. 

Pulling the trigger on a surgical procedure is difficult, especially for patients who have little to no insurance coverage or are shopping around for surgery under high deductibles. This is a common issue that patients run into whether they have their own individual insurance plans or if they have employer-provided insurance.

With the increasing cost of medical expenses due to inflation and the changing healthcare market, it is difficult to predict what option is the best when looking at different surgical sites for a cochlear implant

We all want to pay less, not more for life-saving and life-improving surgical procedures, especially when it comes to improving hearing due to surgery. But if you have very little health insurance coverage it may be difficult to decide on a surgical site, along with having to wait around until after your insurance company approves the procedure and reviews coverage, to fully understand the cost. 

The Smith Medical Surgical Difference

Smith Medical offers an equitable alternative that throws away the traditional healthcare model that makes medical decisions difficult. Here’s how:

Smith Medical is a direct-pay specialty care surgery center that does not accept insurance. Our goal is to make it easier on our patients, remove the hesitation and the obscurity over pricing, and show our patients the cost upfront.  Instead, we offer a self-pay healthcare model that provides our patients with a reduced price point and eliminates recurring financial obligations such as deductibles, high premiums, and the need for insurer approval of surgical treatments.

More patients are seeking alternative healthcare options due to limited insurance coverage, self-insurance, or a desire to find the best surgeons, rather than sticking to in-network providers.

At Smith Medical, we have a single price point for every surgical service we provide, that way there are no unexpected costs, hidden fees, or unpredictable pricing. Our pricing for cochlear pricing is $10,510.

From low insurance coverage to high-cost private insurance, Smith Medical stands as a direct medical option for those looking to undergo cochlear implants and a range of other ENT surgeries. 

Industry Disrupting Medical Services

Our cochlear implant surgery typically takes two hours for our patients and patients may go home the same day, and recovery time is usually one to two weeks. Within 3 to 6 months of use, most people with cochlear implants make considerable gains in understanding speech.

Our goal is to inspire and be the change we want to see in the current healthcare system. We believe that healthcare, like any other product or service, should be upfront about pricing and costs. 

Our Promise

At Smith Medical we focus on a community of top-rated surgeons who see more than numbers. At Smith Medical we want our patients to know that we are not a hospital or an emergency room, we don’t want our patients to come in and out, feel rushed, worried, or unheard. 

Our goals are to make sure all of our patients undergo the best surgical care available, along with compassionate and educational patient care. The quality of your hearing matters, and deciding on where to get your cochlear implant is not a small decision to make. 

We want to ensure that you have all the information in front of you, feel taken care of, and listen to, the moment you walk through our doors. 

Ready to learn more about ear surgery options at Smith Medical? Give us a ring and a patient coordinator will chat with you.

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