Understanding the Purpose of Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Lumbar fusion is a common surgical procedure that aims to alleviate chronic lower back pain by fusing two or more vertebrae in the lumbar spine. The overall purpose of this procedure is to stabilize the spine, ease pain, and improve the patient’s quality of life. By connecting two or more, the surgery sets out to immobilize the affected part of the spine and prevent excessive movement, which often produces painful friction on nerves or triggers muscle spasms. 

Open-back surgery of any kind can be daunting. Between the lengthy recovery periods and invasive nature, many patients avoid surgery out of fear. However, when it comes to degenerative spine conditions, early treatment is ideal. If spine conditions exist for too long without treatment, the condition can worsen and become more difficult to address. If you have been diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition, it is essential to get multiple doctors’ opinions to ensure you are making the right decisions about committing to or avoiding surgery. 

What Conditions May Warrant a Lumbar Fusion?

A lumbar fusion procedure may be necessary for individuals with chronic and debilitating lower back pain caused by conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or spondylolisthesis. 

Depending on the severity of the condition, patients may consider surgical intervention as a method to control chronic pain. However, before committing to surgery, it is recommended that patients first consider conservative treatments. Oftentimes, patients can find relief through physical therapy, pain medications, hot/cold therapy, and other nonsurgical methods. However, if these therapies do not provide sufficient relief, surgical intervention may become necessary. 

The Benefits of Direct Specialty Care

Insurance companies are incredibly specific when it comes to covering different procedures. Sometimes, your insurance carrier may disapprove of a less invasive, less expensive procedure and instead offer coverage for a more invasive, more expensive procedure.

The unfortunate reality of insurance coverage can be incredibly frustrating and often results in patients not receiving the best possible care. Direct specialty care is a modern form of healthcare that connects patients directly to their healthcare provider, without the divide of insurance companies. 

By bypassing the often time-consuming process of obtaining referrals, direct specialty care eliminates unnecessary delays in helping patients find prompt medical attention. Additionally, direct specialty care gives patients more control of their medical journey regarding finding a healthcare provider and choosing treatment routes. 

Regardless of the reason why a patient does not have insurance, they must have access to quality healthcare. Smith Medical offers advanced direct specialty care to patients seeking a broad range of medical treatments. 

Direct Specialty Care with Smith Medical

Smith Medical is a modern healthcare provider dedicated to providing quality care at an affordable price point. We understand that many healthcare providers are not transparent when it comes to discussing the price of quality healthcare. 

Therefore, Smith Medical is proud to offer full-price transparency without the need for a lengthy consultation or phone call. Simply visit our website and select the procedure you want to learn more about, and a price will be provided. Smith Medical is proud to be a thought leader in modern healthcare and make decisions easier for inquiring patients.  

Accessible Lumbar Fusion Surgery with Smith Medical

Chronic back can prevent individuals from living a fulfilled lifestyle. Oftentimes, individuals suffering from severe back pain stay home and avoid participating in physical activities out of fear that they will trigger their back pain to worsen. 

Although some conservative therapies can provide temporary relief, surgery is often the only true way to fix a damaged spine. At Smith Medical, we offer affordable lumbar fusion surgery to patients who have been dealing with persistent chronic back pain. 

Spine surgery can be very expensive, primarily because it requires extensive experience, many doctors, and time. However, Smith Medical is proud to offer direct care to patients without insurance, and those who cannot receive the care they need through their insurance provider. Connect with Smith Medical today to learn more about a lumbar fusion with our dedicated team. 

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