What is Direct Specialty Care? 

Smith Medical has direct specialty care options for surgery in Denver, Colorado.

Patients who have employer-provided insurance often search, What is the coverage for surgery under my insurance plan? And it can be devastating to find out that your insurance coverage has denied you procedure, or that they will not cover anything unless you have already met your high deductible for the year. 

Unfortunately, this can be a position that many patients are placed in due to the way the insurance industry works or your particular coverage plan. Most coverage packages for employers are based on the broader population’s needs and cover more traditional medical procedures for the average patient. 

Direct specialty surgical care with Smith Medical may be the answer for patients looking for an alternative answer that still allows them to receive the life-changing surgery they know that they need. 

Direct Specialty Care For Surgery

When a patient has a slipped disc and chronic pain, and they have undergone years of conservative therapy, and know that it’s time to move forward with surgery; living with the day-to-day pain can feel unbearable. 

When you decide it is time for surgery and you don’t have proper insurance coverage, we have an alternative that allows patients to get timely scheduled, understand clear costs, and start the process as soon as possible so they can get back to work, their lives, their families and more. Spinal treatment, for example, can range in price and coverage depending on what insurance you have. 

At Smith Medical we offer a range of spinal surgery options performed by board-certified, top-rated surgical professionals insurance who do not accept insurance. Due to our insurance-free model, we have cash-based rates that are visible to all of our patients from the very beginning of their interaction with Smith Medical. 

Before patients even get through the door they have a clear understanding of cost. For example, if you visit our spine procedure prices page on our website, you can find the cash price for different surgeries. 

  • Lumbar Laminectomy: $ 12,230
  • One-Level Lumbar Fusion: $38,000
  • Two-Level Lumbar Fusion: $49,625
  • Lumbar Puncture: $1,295
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator: $8,585

We have straightforward pricing for every single procedure that we offer here at Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care of Denver, and we list all prices on our website so our patients understand the cost from the very start. 

Smith Medical is committed to delivering exceptional medical care to patients seeking fixed prices. With a team of highly trained and experienced physicians in various fields of specialty, from ENT surgeons to urologist specialists, to orthopedic doctors and so much more. 

Why Smith Medical is Different

  1. Doctor-patient relationships come first: Competence, communication, and trust in healthcare providers are three key elements that keep patients feeling comfortable with their doctors. If patients don’t have trust in their doctors they are not able to accurately convey how their illness is treating them, can get misdiagnosed, or cut their doctor interaction short, missing out on key information from healthcare providers. We don’t want this. After talking to hundreds of people who explained what their doctor’s office experience was like, we DON’T want to create the same typical uncomfortable and awkward experience for patients. Instead, our goal is to create a solid and real relationship between doctors and patients and make sure our patients know they can truly place there trust and their health in our hands. 
  2. You should be heard and understood as a patient: Saying you connect with your patients and actually doing so are two different things. One of the worst feelings in the world is explaining something about your personal experience and feeling dismissed. Our goal is to listen and truly understand the needs of our patients and make sure they feel truly listened to instead of being told that their symptoms are ‘normal’ or typical for the situation that they are experiencing. Your pain is real, your discomfort is real and your experiences in your body matter when it comes to learning about what surgical procedure may be appropriate for you. 
  3. We want to change the healthcare industry for the better: Change is always a great idea when it comes to the healthcare industry. We can always build upon and improve what we already have, but we don’t just want to have words to represent what matters, we want to put our goals into action. For a long while now consumers have been unhappy with our current healthcare system and we wanted to provide patients with an alternative, starting with ourselves here at Smith Medical. Our cash-based model allows patients to comprehend costs from the very start of their surgical journey instead of receiving a plethora of bills rolling in for all different fees and additional charges.

Smith Medical in Denver, Colorado 

If you are looking for a surgical procedure in the Denver, Colorado area, Smith Medical may be right for you. Not only do we focus on upfront pricing for all of our procedures, but we have cut our insurance in order to provide direct specialty care and lower healthcare costs. 

Learn more about Smith Medical’s cash-based pricing if you need surgery by contacting us today.

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