The Problems with Traditional Surgical Care

Traditional healthcare solutions that stream through insurance carriers manifest an array of problems that end up falling on the patient. Between waiting for different approvals from insurance and dealing with random hidden fees, it is rarely a pleasant experience. Even after having a good experience with a doctor, most patients are soon met with a random bill. Unfortunately, the framework of traditional healthcare clinics is developed with the practice and insurance in mind, not the patient. 

This can result in patients receiving suboptimal care or facing delays in treatment. Additionally, the complex billing and reimbursement processes associated with insurance-based care can lead to high administrative costs for healthcare providers, which may ultimately drive up the overall cost of care. As patients, we are exhausted by the neverending cycle of paying endless amounts of mediocre care. 

Raising The Standard of Surgical Care

Smith Medical is a modern surgery center that operates on a direct pay basis. Healthcare without insurance opens a new realm of doors that patients can explore for relief from their condition, illness, or injury. Without insurance companies playing the middleman, patients can visit different specialists without a referral, get appointments quicker, and have more of a say regarding their treatment plan. 

Although we do not realize it, our insurance holds a significant amount of power over the procedures we undergo. For reasons that only make sense from the insurance perspective, certain procedures are withheld from patients. With direct specialty care, patients can explore the different treatment paths and determine which one is best for them. 

At Smith Medical, we are proud to introduce a new standard of healthcare that puts the patient first. In the end, we are a team of medical professionals passionate about introducing more fair and effective treatment to patients who have had poor surgery experiences when going through their insurance. 

Understanding the Differences Between Direct Care vs. Insurance-Based Care

Understanding the differences between direct care and insurance-based care is important for patients who want to have the best healthcare experience. Direct specialty care involves patients paying their providers directly for surgical care. This model allows for a more personalized approach to healthcare, with longer appointment times and improved access to physicians. 

On the other hand, insurance-based care relies on traditional fee-for-service or managed-care models, where third-party payers reimburse providers for services rendered. While this system provides broader coverage and cost-sharing options for patients, it can lead to increased administrative burdens for providers and limited time for patient interactions.

Surgical Care with Smith Medical

The team at Smith Medical is comprised of talented, notable doctors who specialize in a range of medical services. We understand that all individuals need a diverse care team to help them through their unique health journey. Therefore, we are proud to be a full-service health system that can be there for you when you need it most. From orthopedics to ophthalmology, Smith Medical has you covered. 

Interested in getting a quote for a specific procedure? No problem. Visit our procedure pages to find pricing. No hidden fees or add-ons, just great care. 

Smith Medical.

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