ENT surgeries at Smith Medical performed by renowned otolaryngologists, offer an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to address various ear, nose, and throat-related issues in a safe and controlled setting. From surgeries such as ear tube removal to nasal valve repair, smith Medical is an all-in-one ambulatory surgery center for patients in the Denver, Colorado area who are looking for ENT surgery. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced surgeons, Smith Medical, of Littleton, Colorado provides a comprehensive range of ENT surgeries to me a range of patient needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Transparent Pricing for Otolaryngology Surgery

One of the key advantages of undergoing ENT surgeries at Smith Medical is the personalized care and attention given to each patient. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, the Smith Medical team prioritizes their patients’ well-being and strives to make the surgical experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Patients value the importance of compassionate care and individualized treatment plans, which are essential components of the ENT surgeries offered at Smith Medical.

The Smith Medical Direct Specialty difference has to do with upfront and transparent price points on all of our services. Direct specialty care refers to the distribution of medical services, treatments, and products directly to patients without involving traditional intermediaries like primary care physicians or insurance companies. 

This method gives individuals more autonomy over their healthcare decisions by allowing them to access services without the need for a referral or prior approval. By cutting out middlemen for your ENT surgery,, direct-to-consumer healthcare providers are often able to offer more affordable pricing options and increased convenience for patients seeking medical treatment. 

Littleton ENT Doctor: Surgery Help for Ears, Nose, Throat

For local patients in the Littleton, Colorado area who are looking for an otolaryngologist who specializes in surgical care, Smith Medical has a network of doctors who specialize in specific procedures with clearly defined pricing. 

At Smith Medical our patients travel from all over the state to receive care here at our ambulatory surgery center due to our lower-cost procedure and transparent pricing. Our ENT surgeons are capable of both diagnosing and treating any of these ear, nose, or throat conditions. 

ENT Surgery at Smith Medical 

Some of the primary ear surgeries that we perform at our facility include: 

Bilateral Myringoplasty: $3,455

Bilateral Myringotomy with Tubes: $1,960

Cochlear Implant: $10,510

Ossiculoplasty: $6,280

Some of the primary nose surgeries that we perform at our facility include: 

Adenoidectomy with Nasal Turbinate Reduction: $4,475

Complex 3D Image Sinus Surgery: $13,900

Control Epistaxis: $1,970 

Nasal Valve Repair: $4,595

For patients dealing with a broken nose, a fracture or other surgery-related injuries, Smith Medical has a range of procedure options. 

Our neck and throat procedure can be found on our website. 

ENT surgeons perform a variety of procedures, with a focus on both functional and structural issues of the ear, nose, and throat. For further examples of the extent of surgery that we perform and their listed price, visit our ENT page on our website. 

Patients come in with a variety of questions, such as how long ENT surgery take, how will their ENT surgery particularly support their condition, and many other questions. Our surgeons walk our patients through each case depending on what their needs are for their surgery type. 

Get the Surgery You Need

By choosing Smith Medical for ENT surgeries, our patients are saving the time and energy they would be spending by committing to a traditional healthcare model. The average ENT surgery experience will lead most patients to hunt down pricing, individually paying co-pays, and surgeon’s fees, end up with surprise billing and so much more. 

At Smith Medical our patients have the convenience of receiving one flat price that includes pre-and post-operative appointments, diagnostics tunes, exams, and fees, all rolled into one upfront cost. 

We believe our patients should always put their health first, and that’s why we are committed to creating a stress-free experience. Start your journey towards your ENT surgery today, without hangups of normal healthcare. 

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