Better ENT Surgery Options With Smith Medical

An ENT specialist may recommend ENT surgery for you or someone you love, but you may be concerned about the cost of the procedure.

When it comes to healthcare services, especially surgical procedures, patients aren’t granted access to pricing upfront the way they are with other goods or services. Patients don’t like that about the healthcare industry and we didn’t either. At Smith Medical, we have laid out our self-pay-based pricing right on our website using our pricing tool, that way anyone can view the cost of their surgery which can be viewed on our homepage. 

A Range of ENT Surgery Options

For patients who are struggling with an ear, nose, throat, or general ENT-related condition, Smith Medical offers a range of surgery options. ENT conditions encompass a wide range of disorders affecting the ear, nose, and throat. These issues include hearing loss, tinnitus, sinusitis, nasal congestion, and tonsillitis, among others.

Some of our ear procedures include things such as ear tube removal, foreign body removal, mastoidectomy, sound bridge procedures, and much more, all of which are cash-based procedures. 

For our nose procedure patients can schedule surgeries that include control epistaxis, nasal valve repair, nasal fracture complex open, and much more. 

Our throat and neck procedures include surgeries such as a frenectomy, total thyroidectomy, soft tissue tumor excision, and more.   

Direct-Pay Surgical Care for Patients

The cost of healthcare is going up; including ENT surgery. When patients go to the doctor and schedule surgeries using insurance they find that they are still paying a huge amount of money despite having insurance that is supposed to cover the majority of the cost.  We wanted to change that.

At Smith Medical when our patients receive surgical services all of our costs are upfront from the beginning with pre and post-operative care. Did you know that direct-pay surgical care is 60% lower than traditional surgeries performed at regular hospitals or clinics? 

Because we are a direct-pay specialty care for surgeries, we make sure all of our patients pay a fair, lower-cost price point that they learn about upfront. If you or someone you know needs surgery in the Denver, Colorado area, Smith Medical may be the better option. 

We work with Colorado’s best surgeons, who join our organization solely to help patients who do not have sufficient medical insurance and want to receive quality care. 

Direct Pay Specialty Care for Providers

Doctors can truly make a difference within their healthcare profession but there can be many roadblocks when it comes to traditional healthcare models. When physicians or surgeons work in clinics or hospitals they watch a lot of patients struggle to say yes to surgeries and procedures that they need but cannot afford. 

Medical practices have often been a difficult trade due to burnout, struggling to support patients to the fullest extent due to the financial burden it places on those patients, and the restricted structure of a hospital or clinic environment. 

Many surgeons and physicians are turning to industry-disrupting healthcare organizations to support the changes within the structure of healthcare. Smith Medical focuses on impacting the lives of patients who need surgical services while bypassing traditional insurance barriers that slow down the need for urgent procedures, have a high burden of cost on patients, and restrict connective doctor-patient relationships. 

Every day, more surgeons are joining Smith Medical because we have a patient-first medical model. As a no-insurance healthcare provider, we have physician ownership and management which means our profits and costs are solely based on each service. Eliminating insurance middlemen results in lower costs for patients and providers, enabling providers to be paid fairly for their services.

This means our doctors and staff get paid directly for what their services cost. Traditionally, a large percentage of the surgery is towards insurance. Our doctors can set their hours and schedule surgeries when appropriate for their workflow and have a better work environment to help patients, all while getting paid directly. 

Direct Pay Specialty Care for Employees

If you are an employer, industry, or organization looking for healthcare coverage for your employees, Smith Medical can help. Our goal is to connect with brands who have forward-thinking organizations and want to truly support their employees. 

For large or small companies that are struggling to find the appropriate coverage within traditional health insurance, and want to make sure they have an employee-first culture, we can help. 

Our goal is to provide package surgery coverage and help reduce the cost of healthcare within companies by providing direct healthcare. To learn more visit our employer page

Smith Medical Supports All Avenues of the Healthcare Industry

From patients to providers, benefits specialists, and employers, our goal is to provide healthcare that truly helps with health and cost. We understand that there are barriers to entry at every avenue of healthcare and that patients and doctors alike are struggling to find the right organization that suits their needs. 

If you would like to learn more about Smith Medical contact us today.

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