Traditional Healthcare Doesn’t Work 

Patients complain that the traditional healthcare model has failed them financially regarding larger decision-making for more hands-on healthcare such as surgery. The health system as it currently stands is difficult for the average person to navigate due to policies, procedures, communication systems, and insurance frameworks.

When it comes to surgical care, patients complain of high costs rather than receiving high quality that is comparable to the rate that they are paying for which can often be difficult to acquire when patients need to utilize health insurance.

Not all health insurance is created equality, and while there is a time and place to use insurance, it may not always be as reliable as we hope and this can get in the way of providing care for many patients. It creates hesitation between doctors and patients and often creates delays between when patients get diagnosed and when they commit to surgical care. 

Direct-to-Consumer Services 

Direct-to-consumer healthcare refers to the distribution of medical services, treatments, and products directly to patients without involving traditional intermediaries like primary care physicians or insurance companies. 

This method gives individuals more autonomy over their healthcare decisions by allowing them to access services without the need for a referral or prior approval. By cutting out middlemen, direct-to-consumer healthcare providers are often able to offer more affordable pricing options and increased convenience for patients seeking medical treatment. 

Additionally, this model can lead to enhanced patient experiences through streamlined communication and faster access to care. 

Direct-to-consumer services for healthcare offer patients a great array of benefits to better take their healthcare into their own hands and have more control over what spending looks like. 

Direct-to-Consumer For Surgery

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care located in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado is now open with physicians performing surgeries on-site. The multispecialty ambulatory surgery center offers state-of-the-art treatments from top local surgeons, with a business model of fair and fully transparent surgery pricing. 

The surgery center is part of Smith Medical’s larger mission to transform healthcare access and economics. The cost of care at Smith Medical is on average 30-50% less expensive than PPO Network pricing common to most employer plans. This means that patients are not paying such a large price tag due to insurance when they want 

Smith Medical’s all-in fully transparent prices are displayed clearly on the company’s website to make it easier for patients to find costs when they are first starting their search.

Smith Medical is a welcome partner to those who are uninsured, underinsured, and have high deductibles. Smith Medical is also a perfect complement to self-funded employer health plans, which also act as “direct pay” buyers of healthcare for their employees. 

Patients are no longer subject to health insurance that is tied to employment, a great relief to many who need medical care and are afraid of a layoff jeopardizing their access to healthcare. At Smith Medical we believe everyone is deserving of healthcare access which is why we have chosen this insurance-free model. 

Smith Medical Surgery Options

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care offers a better alternative to the obscure and high pricing of traditional healthcare models.  it has gained popularity among those seeking a straightforward and cost-effective option for various types of surgeries. It is important for patients to research and discuss their options with a healthcare provider before considering cash-based surgery to ensure they fully understand the risks and benefits involved.

Smith Medical offers pricing tools based on procedure type. Our pricing information is a non-insurance-based cost; part of our goal is to provide hundreds of medical procedures at lower costs for accessibility and convenience. To learn more about our pricing visit our website and make an appointment today.

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