Cochlear Implant Surgery With Direct-Pay Specialty Care

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that can provide sound to someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. Smith Medical provides this surgical procedure to implant this device that has a microphone, speech processor, and a transmitter all of which work together to allow the patient to understand speech in their environment. 

Traditional cochlear implants are expensive and have high costs to patients who need to go through the pre and post-operative care it takes to fully get the care and set up for their device. 

Smith Medical believes that patients should not have to battle insurance companies and high costs when taking care of their health. This is why we focus on a care model that does not accept insurance, and helps patients by focusing on lower cost procedures to improve public access to healthcare.

Cochlear Implant Cost

According to Forbes, the price ranges from anywhere between 50k and 100k once all costs are factored in. Currently, at Smith Medical we reduced costs due to the patient-care model our surgery center runs on. 

We offer self-pay-patients direct medical treatment from providers at a reduced cost, instead of relying on traditional medical insurance. This eliminates the need for recurring financial obligations, such as deductibles and high premiums, and removes the requirement for insurer approval of surgical treatments.

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Cochlear Implant Surgery 

Direct pay specialty care for cochlear implants with Smith Medical means clear pricing and upfront costs. 

Cochlear Implant surgery takes place at our clinic with one of our ENT surgeons who specializes in ear conditions and surgeries. The surgery takes roughly two hours to perform and patients typically are given general anesthesia during implantation. 

Surgery to place a cochlear implant inside the ear is an outpatient procedure performed in a hospital or clinic, using general anesthesia. The patient returns to the audiologist a few weeks later to have the cochlear implant activated and programmed (mapped). 

Premium Surgical Care With Smith Medical

  • Noninsurance healthcare: We are a direct-pay surgical center that provides all of our patients with the same out-of-pocket cost because we do not use insurance. Instead, we want to make healthcare easier for the public by cutting out the insurance middleman and driving down the cost of each procedure. 
  • Hands-on patient care: We understand the hesitation that takes place when it comes to surgery. We aim to stand by your side and care for our patients with the respect and understanding they deserve. We create a safe environment with top-rated surgeons committed to quality care, educating our patients, and ensuring our patient’s viewpoints are valued and respected.
  • Quality surgeons: Smith focuses on connecting with surgeons who have extensive experience in preoperative and postoperative care. Our surgeons have qualities of empathy, compassion, educational interests, and professionalism.

Specialized care: Specialized care from professionals who are experts with specific surgical procedures means that surgeries are performed by surgeons who have spent decades repeating operations and are aware of how to provide the highest patient outcomes.

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