Insurance-Free Surgical Care is a great option with Smith Medical because it provides patients with better costs and care. 

Healthcare is a tricky thing to figure out. It can cost a lot of money, especially in the United States. There are many reasons why it can be expensive, some of them are because of things like inefficient systems, expensive medicine, high deductibles through insurance, hospitals that care more about making money than helping people, different types of medical treatments, and how much things cost related to health.

When it comes to surgical care many patients hesitate when it comes to pulling the trigger, but with insurance-free surgery, patients have better options available to them. 

Surgery With Insurance is Too Complicated

When it comes to surgery with insurance, patients often find themselves stepping into a surgery center unsure about what their bill will look like. When patients ask their doctor if their procedure is covered, doctors typically have general information about the type of insurance they have, but the insurance company may have a certain percentage that they cover due to the nature of the procedure, the quality of your coverage, the costs and procedure location and so many other details that are hyper-specific on your particular situation. 

Most surgical procedure locations will defer patients to their insurance companies. Often, those insurance companies may point patients toward the surgical clinic’s billing department to break down the exact numbers of their bills. For patients looking for straightforward answers, you may find yourself on a hamster wheel when you are simply trying to find out about the cost of a spinal fusion, a gallbladder procedure, or a sinus surgery.  To read about one patient’s challenge when it came to cost, read about it here

So what can we do as patients to stop the cycle of misinformation, obscure pricing and the back-and-forth of the medical industry? Connect with transparent and insurance-free surgery centers like Smith Medical. 

Insurance-Free Cash Based Surgery

Cash-based insurance-free surgery refers to a payment model where patients pay out-of-pocket for their surgical procedures, rather than relying on insurance coverage. This approach allows for more flexibility and autonomy in healthcare decisions, as patients can choose their surgeon, facility, and treatment plan without restrictions set by insurance companies. Cash-based surgery is often utilized for elective procedures such as cosmetic surgeries or weight loss surgeries that may not be covered by insurance. 

Insurance-free surgery is a method that offers patients cost savings in the long run by eliminating the bureaucracy and administrative costs associated with insurance claims. cash-based surgery often results in shorter wait times and increased quality of care due to the direct relationship between patient and provider.

Planning and managing the financial burden of undergoing surgery without insurance requires meticulous planning and management. In this process, it is crucial to understand and prepare for both immediate and long-term financial impacts. That’s why we want to ensure pricing transparency; our patients deserve to be able to financial consider and plan for the surgery they need. This allows patients to use there insurance for smaller and more typical experiences within the healthcare industry, and focus insurance-free surgery options on larger more hands-on healthcare experiences. 

How Smith Medical Is Changing Surgery

Smith Medical’s commitment to is an insurance-free cash-based surgery start with transparent rates right on their website along with a fee-for-service model that includes the costs for everything involved within the surgery. 

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Lower Extremities

Upper Extremities


Men’s and Women’s Health

The goal at Smith Medical is to provide high-quality and affordable medical care designed to offer the lowest cost for surgery performed by fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeons. Accessing medical care, especially surgical procedures is an important part of what is missing from our healthcare industry. Our goal is to provide patients with better support to reduce the financial burden. 

Ready For Surgery? Smith Medical Can Help

Our goal is to provide meaningful and reliable information to help you understand prices before you even enter our doors. We have compiled a comprehensive list of outpatient procedures for cash-based payers tired of lofty answers from insurance-based surgical care. At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care of Denver, we focus on defining the actual price of your bill to be as accurate as possible. 

We do our best to be accurate and update our pricing accordingly but leave room for specific surgical details that you may come across for your needs as a patient. We would love to chat about the procedure options and steps to take with Smith Medical which are available for our patients. 

Smith Medical is committed to delivering exceptional medical care to patients seeking fixed prices. With a team of highly trained and experienced physicians in various fields of specialty, contacting Smith Medical is an ideal choice for individuals who value quality care and a hassle-free healthcare experience. Contact us today.

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