After struggling to find the right solution patient may find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to issues with knee range of motion. When conservative treatment options fail or only provide limited pain relief, knee manipulation surgery is recommended, but many patients find this step to be a bit harder to take than less nerve-racking treatments. 

Cost and Considerations of Surgery

Patients have a range of barriers set in front of them when making major medical decisions such as something like knee manipulation surgery. Staying within the network for your providers if you are on employer-provided insurance, not being covered for a surgical procedure, or having high deductibles stand in the way for some patients. 

Unknown costs and the quality of your surgeon also play a major role for those who are unsure if surgery is the right option for them. When people are looking for knee manipulation under anesthesia, or knee procedures for arthrofibrosis they typically want to know: How much will it cost? Should you look for a local knee surgeon or a local knee specialist? 

But the majority of medical practices work with health insurance and most patients do not receive an upfront cost breakdown of what payment will look like, creating more hesitation to get the surgery they need. 

What is Knee Manipulation Surgery? 

Knee manipulation surgery, also known as arthrofibrosis release or knee contracture surgery, is a medical procedure used to treat patients who experience a limited range of motion in the knee joint due to scar tissue formation or stiffness. 

This surgical intervention is typically considered a last resort when conservative treatments such as physical therapy and medications fail to improve the condition. With careful manipulation and controlled force, an orthopedic surgeon removes adhesions from inside a joint during surgery.

This allows for improved mobility and flexibility in the knee joint. Knee manipulation surgery requires experienced surgeons who possess a deep understanding of knee anatomy and biomechanics. Overall, knee manipulation surgery represents a valuable treatment option for individuals suffering from these issues. 

When Is Knee Surgery Right For You

You may want to visit your doctor if you or a loved one are experiencing chronic knee pain and have not seen one yet. Knee manipulations are typically considered after exhausting other options such as physical therapy, medication, and arthroscopic procedures.

It can be useful in restoring joint function by restoring flexibility, but it can also lead to fractures, ligament tears, and additional damage to soft tissues. If you are considering undergoing a knee manipulation procedure, it is important to find a trusted medical specialist.

So how do patients find the right surgery location? 

The Smith Medical Surgical Difference

Patients often ask if knee manipulation is worth it when undergoing surgery due to the high costs, and barriers to entry.  That’s where we come in, at Smith Medical. 

  1. Transparent pricing: Smith Medical recognizes that most healthcare services aren’t upfront about their costs. Our goal is to make sure our patients understand the market value of the surgical procedure they are engaging with, as well as avoid that sense of uncertainty that comes with undergoing traditional medical treatments or procedures. 
  2. Better surgeon quality: At Smith Medical our surgeons are the top-rated professionals who focus on great patient communication, are meticulous with their education and skillset, and truly have a passion for medicine and wellness. We understand how important surgical procedures are and want to provide quality surgeons and focalized care.
  3. Specialty care: Hospitals typically provide a broad range of surgeries, but with specialty care, our surgeons are the top-rated professionals in their field, while focusing on the latest and most advanced techniques for each surgery they perform. With specialty care patients receive streamlined care while saving patients on cost. 
  4. Patient access: Due to the nature of a self-pay healthcare surgery, patients are not barred from procedures when they cannot meet their deductible, have certain insurance requirements before surgery can be done, and ultimately have lower cost points. Patients have better access to the surgery they need due to the surgery center model that cuts out the insurance companies altogether.

Smith Medical Direct-Pay Specialty Care

When you are looking for the right surgeon for knee manipulation surgery, Smith Medical focuses on straightforward pricing and quality care. Our focus is on multispecialty facilities are operated by top-rated surgeons within the Denver area.

The care provided at Smith Medical elevates the standard of typical surgical care. Unlike most healthcare surgery options, we pride ourselves in open and transparent cost from the beginning, whereas most hospitals or clinic do not. You can find our costs right on our website for every single procedure, including knee manipulation surgery.

If you are looking for quality care with doctors who focus on putting patient needs before anything else, Smith Medical can help. Don’t wait, contact us today.

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