Located right near Denver, Smith Medical Direct Surgical Care focuses on all different types of surgery with straightforward pricing. For many patients, their top priority is understanding the cost of the surgery in Denver they want to proceed with whether that is a spinal fusion or cataract surgery, we believe patients should have a clear understanding of what they are paying for without letting insurance get in the way. 

At Smith Medical we believe that affordable surgery can be achieved through transparent pricing. To make surgery more widely available, patients should have the right to be privy to the dollar amount to properly prepare for their medical procedure.

With direct specialty care, we believe it’s the first avenue health organizations should take to provide patients with honest and accurate pricing while bypassing the normal hangups that come with insurance-based procedures.

This helps patients attend to time-sensitive health problems instead of waiting on stipulations placed on them by insurance verification or conservative treatment or therapies that will harm time-sensitive surgical care. 

All-Inclusive Pricing at Smith Medical

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care offers self-pay-patients direct medical treatment from providers at a reduced cost, instead of relying on traditional medical insurance. This eliminates recurring financial obligations such as deductibles, high premiums, and the need for insurer approval of surgical treatments, allowing us to provide patients with lower-cost surgeries in comparison to traditional surgery options.  

More patients are seeking alternative healthcare options due to limited insurance coverage, self-insurance, or a desire to find the best surgeons, rather than sticking to in-network providers.

At Smith Medical, we have a single price point for every surgical service we provide, that way there are no unexpected costs, hidden fees, or unpredictable pricing. 

Disrupting the Current Surgery Market

Rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we focus on connecting with providers who want to make a change in the medical industry. 

From our care coordinators, nurses, and surgeons, to our board of directors and Chief financial officer- every single member of our team at Smith Medical places themselves in the shoes of our patients and asks, “If was a patient who needed an important surgery, what would I want to know?” Beyond the rating of surgeons and the location of the facility, the number one question that everyone thinks about is: “How much will my Denver surgery cost?”

These days finding the cost of surgery online or even at the doctor’s office is feeling increasingly difficult so it has become our number one mission to make sure that we list all of our surgery costs on our website so our patients can view pricing before they even step into our patient rooms.

As a cash-based insurance-free surgery center we have a range of treatments for hip, knee, neck, eyes, spine, or anything in between we offer quality care for every patient. For example, patients come to us with different needs, from foot and ankle surgery whether it’s a sprain, fracture, chronic condition, or muscle tissue that needs to be repaired. 

Community-first Access and Staff

Community and access are at the heart of Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care of Denver. We attract local healthcare employees in our community, while also recruiting and retaining surgical professionals from all over the state who understand and connect with the people of Colorado state. 

Our goals are focused on having a long-term direction for the totality of healthcare services across Colorado through our commitment to cost transparency and accountability of medical services. Our healthcare providers and staff in achieving industry goals by advocating for pricing transparency and working at Smith Medical to improve access and transparency throughout the industry. 

We believe patients should be privy to all cost information regarding every single medical procedure, check-up, treatment, or visit. Patients across the United States have felt that the healthcare system has been lofty with cost and has left consumer opinion out of the equation. 

At Smith Medical we believe patients deserve better so we have taken the first step to provide a community-first access and care model built on cost-transparent surgical services without the use of insurance coverage. 

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