What is Occipital Nerve Stimulator Removal? 

Occipital nerve stimulation is a therapy for patients who are in need of headaches and craniofacial pain. The treatment involves an implantable device that includes a pulse generator and an electrode while the lead is placed into the subcutaneous tissue whereas the pulse generator is placed into a subcutaneous pocket such as the back, check, or abdomen. 

When it is time to remove the nerve stimulator, a short surgical intervention will be necessary. For patients who are trying to determine where to get their occipital nerve stimulator removed, there are many different surgical options. 

When is Removal Necessary?

How do you know it is time to remove your occipital nerve stimulator? A few things factor in. If you are not receiving adequate pain relief from the use of the occipital nerve stimulation, then it may be the right move to remove the device and look for different treatment options.  Other reasons such as needing to undergo another surgery or medical procedure, may require you to have the occipital nerve stimulator removed. 

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Smith Medical Cares

Smith Medical Surgical Care supports the Colorado, No Suprise Act that states, “Coloradans are protected from certain surprise medical bills under both state and federal law.”

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  • Pricing Tool right on our website
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The Cost of our Occipital Nerve Stimulator Removal surgery can be found here

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