Healthcare prices aren’t a new concept for patients to feel misled and in the dark about when it comes to costs. The outcry is obvious from every sector of the medical field from patients to providers and more, so why aren’t healthcare organizations listening? Smith Medical defines the struggle and discusses how they are actively making change near Denver, Colorado. 

Patients Are Left In the Dark Over Cost

The lack of pricing transparency in healthcare is a significant and pervasive issue that has serious implications for patients, providers, and the overall healthcare system, especially when it comes to surgery.

From everyday patients like you and me to well-known icons such as Jelly Roll or Fat Joe, even celebrities are on board when it comes to advocating for price transparency within healthcare. 

Without clear and accessible information about the cost of medical services, patients are often left in the dark about how much they will have to pay for their care. This lack of transparency can lead to unexpected and exorbitant medical bills, creating financial strain and uncertainty for people who truly need surgical care to keep their health from declining. 

It can also hinder patients’ ability to make informed decisions about their healthcare; it is common for people to face confusion and resistance when trying to discuss these tough issues with their health and insurance providers, leading to frustration and, in some cases, foregoing care altogether.

Like patients and providers all over the country, Smith Medical believes that we should not be tight-fisted or obscure with the cost of medical procedures, especially when it comes to life-saving surgeries and procedures that help patients with health decline.

Smith Medical has Price Transparency

Pricing transparency has become an increasingly important issue in the healthcare industry, particularly when it comes to surgical procedures. In Denver, where the cost of healthcare can be daunting for many individuals, having a clear understanding of what one can expect to pay for surgery is crucial. 

That’s why we proudly display all of our surgical procedure pricing on our website and have invested in accurately calculating and displaying pricing right on our website for everyone to see. 

Whether you’re a potential patient or simply curious, you can easily review the cost of your procedure before even setting foot in our office. Transparency is key, and we are committed to ensuring that our patients have the information they need to make the best choices for their health and well-being.

Implementing pricing transparency for surgeries in Denver can also help improve the overall quality of care provided. When hospitals and surgical centers are transparent about their pricing, they are more likely to be held accountable for the outcomes of their procedures. 

Our goal is to start with our own facility and pave the way for better healthcare practices that honor the integrity of their patients by being straightforward with cost.  By providing patients with more information about the cost and quality of healthcare services, patients can make a more thorough decision about their care. 

Our hope is that through our own price transparency, we can encourage other healthcare organizations such as clinics, hospitals,  primary care physicians, and specialists to support patients by providing value-based care at lower, clear cost points. 

Insurance-Free Surgery 

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care’s focus on insurance-free surgery options offers patients a superior alternative to traditional insurance-based procedures. By eliminating the need to navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, Smith’s approach simplifies the process for patients seeking surgical intervention. This innovative model reduces administrative burden and enhances patient satisfaction by providing greater transparency and control over the decision-making process. 

Additionally, the absence of insurance constraints allows for more personalized care and tailored treatment plans, ultimately leading to improved outcomes. As a graduate student in health sciences, I appreciate Smith’s commitment to providing better options for patients in need of surgical care.

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