As the cost of living rises, so does everything else including medical care especially when it comes to procedures such as clavicle fracture repairs. When it comes to surgery, it can be difficult to shop around for rates to compare pricing and receive services that are within a patient’s budget. 

For patients looking for a clavicle fracture repair procedure, the expense for your locally referred surgical facility may be too high, unclear, or not covered by your health insurance; three major issues that patients keep running into when looking for medical help. 

A clavicle fracture or collarbone fracture repair is a safe and effective surgery that will repair the fractured clavicle and allow pain to subside.  Read on to learn about the self-pay options for clavicle fracture repair surgery with Smith Medical. 

What is a Clavicle Fracture Repair Procedure?

Clavicle fracture repair is a surgical procedure to realign and stabilize a broken clavicle bone. A clavicle fracture, or broken collarbone, is a break in one of the two thin bones that connect the breastbone to the shoulder blades. You can locate your collarbones at the top of your chest, running below the base of your neck.

The most common cause of a clavicle fracture is sudden injury, such as falling or auto accidents. Individuals who suspect a clavicle fracture should seek medical attention immediately to ensure proper care, no matter the cause.

When collarbone injuries don’t heal surgery becomes necessary.  With Smith Medical, surgical intervention is considered in cases where there is displacement of the clavicle fragments, open fractures with the risk of infection, and multiple fractures. 

After the procedure, patients may experience pain at the top of the shoulder. Smith Medical doctors will typically prescribe pain medications to ensure their comfort throughout the recovery process. 

Patients are expected to wear a sling for 4-6 weeks after surgery to keep the shoulder immobile and promote complete healing. After the initial healing period, patients undergo physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Surgical Cost of Collarbone Repair 

For patients looking for broken clavicle surgery who have insurance, typical treatments with surgery can rack up fees close to $17,000 or more according to Cost Helper. This doesn’t include the surgeon’s fee for treatment or what the specific hospital price point may include- fees after surgery can end up being exorbitant, from anesthesiologist fees to post-operative care. 

If you don’t have extremely well-coverage medical policies with a wide-net health insurance plan, you can be caught in a situation where you are paying thousands for medical care. For those who are uninsured, costs can skyrocket even more if they are receiving treatment from a clinic or hospital. 

Even with laws such as the No Surprise Act, that require providers to show patients estimates of the cost of their medical expenses, the cost of surgery depends on your location, your network,  where you go to receive care, and the type of healthcare provider you have. This makes it difficult to budget and assess the type of debt patients will incur during medical emergencies or procedures. 

Smith Medical Self-Pay Surgery

Smith Medical is a surgical center that offers a range of surgery options for patient needs that focuses on a self-pay model. This means that for those who are uninsured, interested in paying out-of-pocket, have high deductibles due to minimal insurance coverage, or are looking for straightforward and timely treatment, Smith Medical is for you. 

Typically it is difficult to shop around for competitive rates when it comes to surgery. Even when patients do their homework get on the phone with their insurance company, and speak to doctors, claims, and billings about costs to compare rates, there can be hidden costs or unexpected fees after surgery. 

Not at Smith Medical. We pride ourselves in having a straightforward, transparent price that we share will all of our patients from their first appointment, (sometimes even before that).

Collarbone surgery at Smith Medical costs $7,420 and includes operating room costs, anesthesia, surgeon fees, facility fees, pre-surgery treatment, appointment visits, and post-operative appointments within the cost. Instead of having bills trickle in after surgery, and learning about all the extra expenses associated with the procedure, we like to inform our patients from the start. 

All billing is disclosed to our patients so they understand exactly what they are paying for and have zero surprises. 

Straightforward Pricing and Quality Care for Clavicle Fracture

At Smith Medical, we are dedicated to premier patient care at an affordable price for everyone. Our state-of-the-art multispecialty facilities are operated by only the most talented of surgeons. The care provided at Smith Medical elevates the standard of typical surgical care.

We take pride in our competitive pricing. It is ideal for individuals or businesses with high deductibles or those who are self-insured at a large corporation. Our facility offers unbeatable quality and pricing even if you have no insurance. The cost of a procedure is the first thing a patient will consider when recommended for surgery, which is why cost transparency is a priority among our surgeons.

Our goal at Smith Medical is focused on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of the costs upfront. All fees are combined in package pricing, so our patients have clarity regarding rates.

Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer these prices. Since Smith Medical takes care of all its expenses, our objective is to provide you with the medical care you need at a reduced rate.

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