Direct contracting with healthcare providers and facilities is the first step to saving small businesses on healthcare coverage. When brands cut out the middleman that is insurance, they are left with healthcare plans they can design to truly get their employees the care they need. 

If you’re a small business owner or employer shopping for employee health benefits, you may find it hard to grapple with the rising cost of health insurance

Small business owners feel the cost of providing healthcare to their employees is excessive for what they are purchasing and small business owners feel that they are risking their budget to support their employees. So where can businesses go to pay less for healthcare costs, and provide quality options for their team? 

Many small business owners want to provide competitive health insurance and a range of benefits to incentivize their employees especially when it comes to grabbing top talent from the marketplace. 

Smith Medical Direct-Pay Surgical Care partners with small businesses to provide surgical coverage instead of traditional healthcare coverage. Not only do we provide patients with straightforward cash-based options for surgery, but we also connect with businesses and create health coverage packages to support entire entities who want better care for their employees. 

Smith Medical For Small Businesses

Three key elements are usually required for better coverage outcomes when using a healthcare plan rather than expensive insurance. As a result, patients can see the same providers for a much lower cost than they would under traditional health insurance plans. This is extremely important when it comes to higher-cost healthcare such as surgery. 

  • Direct Contracting with providers and facilities
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Fully Transparent Pharmacy administration with an “acquisition cost” pricing formula. 

When small business owners move away from traditional healthcare constructs, they leverage healthcare pricing transparency, direct relationships with providers, and pay cash-level pricing, all of which remove 20-50% of the cost of traditional health plan deals. 

Small businesses are looking for solutions for their benefit challenges. When they switch up who, and how employers purchase and and pay for healthcare. 

Partnering with Smith Medical

Direct pay specialty care from Smith Medical offers you and your business unique and individually tailored packages based on your needs while keeping costs down for employers and employees alike.

At Smith Medical we are committed to transparency, ensuring patients and employers are informed of all costs upfront. All fees for all surgeries are included in Smith Medical’s package pricing so that the cost of each service is clear from the get-go.

Our pricing tool on our website makes it easy to find the price of an orthopedic procedure, a minimally invasive surgery, a women’s health procedure, or anything else they need.

Partnering with Smith Medical is easy: 

  1. Contact us directly to learn more about enrollment. 
  2. Whether you are an individual or an employer, we will answer questions, refer you to providers, and guide employers to contract with Smith Medical. 
  3. Choose a plan that delivers high-performance healthcare that will meet the needs of your team.

Having the ability to afford superior medical care changes everything when you run a business. Call us to get started today. 

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