Patients who are looking for wrist or hand surgery don’t often get to decide based on price point. The quality of their doctor is typically determined by what their insurance will accept, and what referral they receive from their general doctors. This can be frustrating for many patients who are trying to have cost awareness, budget for their medical expenses, and find doctors or surgeons that they feel comfortable with. 

The Problem With Wrist and Hand Surgery

Committing to having surgery, no matter the type is a big medical undertaking for any patient. Whether it is a carpal tunnel surgery or a digital nerve repair surgery in the thumb, it doesn’t matter, the purpose of the surgery is to improve the patient’s quality of life. Insurance coverage and financial ability are two factors that are huge inhibitors when it comes to traditional wrist and hand surgery. 

In fact, traditional wrist and hand surgery options are limited for most patients, and this is the number one roadblock that gets in the way of getting care. 

Cost is one of the biggest challenges for patients who are ready to get the help they need but have uncertainty due to the lack of financial options. The cost of medical care is rising, and this makes it difficult for patients to pull the trigger when it comes to receiving the medical care that they need. 

Let’s say that you are trying to shop around for an in-network surgeon that can perform a wrist fusion surgery. Once you find a doctor that is approved by your insurance network, you will still have to think about co-pays, the overall cost, the surgeon fees, the anesthesia fee, and much more. Bills will trickle in long after you have undergone surgery.

Direct Specialty Care Is Different

Our pricing at Smith Medical has a flat rate, that doesn’t change because it doesn’t matter what insurance you carry. We are an insurance free surgery center.  The current cost of our all of our wrist and hand surgery prices can be found on our website.

Instead of using traditional insurance options, we focus on creating better accessibility and upfront pricing for all of our patients. We are a self-pay healthcare organization that offers patients premium surgical options, whether that is an hand or wrist procedure, elbow or leg, or an ENT procedure, or a back surgery, we do it all. 

Surgery at Smith Medical

Wrist or hand pain is a common occurrence that can be the result of a sprain, fracture, chronic condition, or muscle tissue. As a result, conservative treatment isn’t always the best option, and surgical procedures are necessary.

At Smith Medical we provide a range of surgical options depending on our patient’s needs. Our goal is to restore your quality of life with our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons. Learn more about our surgical options.

Our Wrist and Hand Procedure Options: 

Carpal Tunnel Release: $4,205

Repair Common Digital Nerve: $4,495

Cubital Tunnel Release: $5,247

Cubital Tunnel Release with Carpal Tunnel Release: $6,877

Digital Nerve Repair Thumb:$5,370

Distal Interphalangeal Joint Fusion: $4,113

Dupuytren’s Contracture: $3,465

Ganglion Excision: $3,205

Lunate Core Decompression: $5,370

Proximal Row Carpectomy: $6,280

Ray Amputation (Hand): $5,370

Trigger Finger: $3,025

Wrist Fusion: $9,600

Sagittal Band Repair: $5,370 

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair: $7,600

Surgery You Can Rely On

Several brands are opening their doors to provide self-pay elbow arthroscopy options for patients. Due to the number of funds that go to insurers, this model has lower pricing than traditional hospital- or insurance-based healthcare models.

Patients who pay directly for surgery benefit from upfront pricing, lower costs, and exclusive access to surgeons who are dedicated to their craft rather than profit-making.

If you are ready to work with Smith Medical and get the surgery you need contact us today and make an appointment. 

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