At Smith Medical, we’ve noticed how healthcare has changed since 2020 when the world went remote. Business models adapted to a new consumer market and we have since created new and modern approaches to health and wellness. Wonderful consumer benefits such as telemedicine, online diagnostic tools, at-home therapies, and more have popped up due to this shift. 

We can see the broad range of options that have increased accessibility within all facets of wellness from mental health to doctor visits. But what about more hands-on healthcare methods such as surgeries and procedures?  

Not much has seemly changed when it comes to surgical procedures. When people head to the doctor, receive a diagnosis, and have undergone treatments, some of those patients have to resort to more straightforward and reliable pain-relief solutions such as surgery. 

Issues Patients Have With Surgery Today

When it comes to the surgical industry, patients and doctors have noticed that change hasn’t yet struck this sector of the healthcare industry, and patients are still experiencing surgical care that is shrouded in mystery and stress. 

Pricing Confusion

Patients have complained about the obscurity surrounding cost when it comes to back surgery, ENT procedures, knee replacements, or hip surgery. Most services that are more hands-on do not have easily accessible cost breakdowns.

Many people receive more than one bill for a range of different services they didn’t even fully understand they would be paying for once they leave the surgery center or hospital they received service from.

The doctor charges can include a bill for radiologists, cardiologists, surgeons, and anesthesiologists, and oftentimes times they are all billed separately. 

Some patients have noted they receive technical fees for hospital equipment or supplies, care from staff members, and all sorts of fees that were never disclosed during the process of surgery. 

High Costs of Procedures

For many, undergoing surgery is a big decision not only due to the fact that they will be experiencing a serious procedure but also because of the high costs associated with surgery. About half of U.S. adults say it is difficult to afford healthcare costs, and this is because of a range of reasons.

Those who have employer-provided health insurance may still be paying exorbitant deductibles and patients who do not have any insurance or have independent insurance are struggling with the high costs. 

Misunderstandings Over Surgical Experiences

Many misunderstandings and conflicts arise for patients who are not fully informed of the surgical experience to come. Sometimes miscommunication happens but those who are placing their trust in doctors, nurses, and staff members expect to be thoroughly prepared on what to expect on the day of their surgery. 

Due to the complexities that take place in a busy hospital sometimes pre-operative care can result in poor social interaction between the patient and the surgeon, the role played by anesthesiologists, or the supporting family members of the patient. 

Modern Surgery With Smith Medical

The founders of Smith Medical, from the board of directors to the physicians have been watching the transformation within the healthcare industry, and watching how patients are taking control of their health and wellness. They designed Smith Medical to fill the gap for patients when it comes to a modern surgical service. 

Straightforward Pricing

At Smith Medical you can find a pricing tool on their website that leads directly to the costs of each surgical procedure that is offered. Patients want to know upfront what the cost of their surgery will be and Smith Medical agrees. 

Anything you pay for has a price tag, so healthcare should not be any different. 

Self-Pay Surgical Procedures

Smith Medical is a premier surgical center that offers cost accessibility with lower premiums and focalized care. They prioritize affordable surgical services by being a direct-pay service, where patients do not use insurance, instead, patients pay a lower out-of-pocket cost. 

They offer self-pay-patients direct medical treatment from providers at a reduced cost, instead of relying on traditional medical insurance. This eliminates recurring financial obligations such as deductibles, high premiums, and the need for insurer approval of surgical treatments.

Clear and Easy Surgical Experiences

As a surgical center, Smith Medical is designed to have one focal point: surgery. This means that they are not a busy hospital in charge of a range of duties, and tending to a range of patients. 

All that Smith Medical focuses on is getting patients set up with surgeons so they can chat about their surgical needs, be fully informed and comfortable, and take the appropriate steps to undergo and understand their surgery. 

 Smith Medical is located in Denver, Colorado working with the top-rated surgeons who connect with Smith to help patients who travel from inside and outside the state. 

Modern Surgical Care Is Here

This surgical center is forging forward to drive the initiative of modern practices that truly support patients and pave the way for surgery and procedures within the healthcare industry. As the healthcare industry continues to change, Smith Medical is at the forefront of the movement, getting patients the help they deserve, without the traditional stress or financial burden that typically goes with it.

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