What is an Elbow Arthroscopy

If you are considering an elbow arthroscopy surgery at Smith Medical, there is a lot you need to know about it before you pull the trigger and find a surgeon that is right for you. 

An elbow arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat various elbow conditions. 

A small camera is inserted during the procedure so that a medical professional can observe the area and/or perform a surgical procedure without making large incisions. The minimally invasive nature of this procedure offers many benefits, including smaller incisions, shorter recovery times, and fewer complications than traditional surgical procedures. 

Tennis elbow, ligament tears, loose bodies, and osteoarthritis are common conditions treated by elbow arthroscopy. Surgical procedures performed with arthroscopic instruments have revolutionized surgery. 

Elbow Arthroscopy Pricing

The pricing for elbow arthroscopy typically varies somewhere between $8k to $11k depending on the level of coverage patients have with their insurance plan. Some patients have higher deductibles driving up the cost of the procedure, even though the elbow arthroscopy itself may be less costly. 

Other times, patients have self-provided health insurance or none at all, leaving them with very few options when it comes to where and when they will receive a surgical procedure. 

The Smith Medical Difference

Our pricing at Smith Medical has a flat rate, that doesn’t change because it doesn’t matter what insurance you carry. The current cost of our elbow arthroscopy is $6,328 and details can be found on our website.

Instead of using traditional insurance options, we focus on creating better accessibility and upfront pricing for all of our patients. We are a self-pay healthcare organization that offers patients premium surgical options, whether that is an elbow arthroscopy, or an ENT procedure, or a back surgery, we do it all. 

Self-Pay Healthcare Options for Surgery

As insurance-based procedures become more expensive, patients are increasingly turning to self-pay healthcare options, especially for surgery. As the cost of surgery is rising due to inflation and other costs, more and more patients find their deductibles getting higher and large amounts of payments falling outside of covered costs. 

Patients are dissatisfied with their insurance companies, their healthcare providers, and the healthcare industry as a whole, for failing to meet their needs and being within the scope of affordability to get the care that they need. 

Patients are looking for a solution that empowers them and does not create hesitation when engaging in pursuits related to wellness or health due to the lack of coordination between insurers and providers, denial of coverage post-surgery, and extremely expensive and shocking bills that show up after they undergo life-changing procedures. 

As a result, many people have decided to proactively seek out healthcare providers that focus on affordability and self-pay options that do not hike up their prices to make up for the losses they take when involving insurance providers.

That’s where direct-pay specialty care comes in. Brands like Smith Medical are opening their doors to provide better options for patients looking for elbow arthroscopy using a self-pay model. Pricing is lower than traditional hospital or insurance-based healthcare models that need to mitigate pricing due to the number of funds that go to insurance companies. 

But with direct pay for surgical procedures patients have upfront pricing, lower costs of surgeries and exclusively work with surgeons who are dedicated to their craft over profit. 

Our Surgery Location

For patients looking for an elbow arthroscopy with an upfront cost, Smith Medical is the number one option in the Denver, Colorado area. Our surgery site is located at 8515 West Coal Mine Avenue Littleton, CO 80108. 

Get elbow arthroscopy surgery information by sending us a message.

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