For most patients, healthcare seems expensive and they are not wrong. Healthcare has long since created an industry that uses a business model that utilizes middlemen to deliver medical care pricing. There has been a long-standing demand for what patients need and want for quite some time, but this is far from meeting their needs. 

When providers, board members, and executives follow the traditional model of healthcare they can find that patient satisfaction is low. That’s why we have gathered intel directly from our patients to determine how best to suit their needs when it comes to surgical procedures at our facility, here at Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care. 

Our focus is providing a tangible financial system that is presented to our patients so they do not have any obscurities when it comes to the steps of their surgery, the cost of their surgery, and the time frame of their surgery. 

Patients often struggle with a lack of information when it comes to how the process works, the cost of what they are paying for, and how long pre- and post-operative appointments will take. We understand those frustrations and want to bring patients closer to a better care model that minimizes stressors, and frustrations, and simply focuses on quality care. 

Better Doctor-Patient Care for Surgery

At Smith Medical, patients can expect to receive top-notch surgical services from a team of highly skilled and compassionate doctors who truly care about their well-being. Our doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality care possible, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to ensure successful outcomes for their patients. They are proud to be apart of a healthcare organization that focuses on straightforward surgical costs.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their precision and attention to detail in every procedure they perform. More than just skilled surgeons, these professionals take the extra step to ensure that each patient feels comfortable and supported throughout their treatment journey. Patients can trust that they are in good hands at Smith Medical, where exceptional surgical services are paired with genuine compassion and personalized care.

Clear Surgery Pricing at Smith Medical

Healthcare costs can be a big problem for everyone involved, from patients to doctors to the whole healthcare system. This is especially true when it comes to surgery. When patients don’t know how much their medical care will cost, it can be stressful or become a financial burden. 

Not knowing the cost of surgery can make it hard for patients to make decisions about their health. Sometimes, talking to doctors and insurance companies about money can be confusing and frustrating. This can lead to people skipping out on important care they really need.

That’s why we put all our prices right on our website for everyone to see. Whether you’re thinking about getting a procedure done or just curious, you can easily check out the cost online.

We believe in being open and honest about our prices so you can make the best decisions for your health. Knowing how much things will cost can help you plan ahead and feel more comfortable about your procedure. Plus, when hospitals and surgical centers are transparent about their pricing, it can lead to better care for everyone. 

Surgery at Smith Medical

When it comes to surgery, our surgeons, nurses, and staff believe our patients must be well-informed about every step of the process. For example, if a patient comes into Smith Medical and will undergo shoulder surgery such as an open rotator cuff repair. During those initial appointments, our doctors walk through what upcoming steps will look like so the patient is fully aware of what is needed. The patient will start with presurgical testing to identify health risks, confirm the diagnosis, and discuss what surgery will be required, go through the surgery itself, and attend follow-up appointments afterward to ensure proper recovery. 

Our surgeons at Smith Medical make sure to thoroughly educate patients on the number of appointments they will undergo leading up to surgery, highlighting what will take place during the appointments, what requirements they will have during surgery, and what post-operative care will look like for every patient that walks through our door. 

Questions Patients Commonly Ask

How much does cataract surgery cost at Smith Medical? The cost of cataract surgery is $4,800 at Smith Medical.

At Smith Medical, how much does spigelian hernia surgery cost? Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care charges patients $3,720 for care. 

How much does a hip replacement surgery cost? At Smith Medical we perform a hip replacement surgery that is known as a hip arthroplasty. It costs $17,579 for insurance-free surgical care for a hip arthroplasty surgery at our ambulatory surgery center in Littleton, Colorado. 

Do I have to be located near Denver for surgery? No, you do not need to be located in the Denver area to receive surgery and in fact, many people travel to receive care due to our costs. 

What if I do have insurance? Can I still use it at Smith Medical? If you have insurance, that’s awesome, but not needed here. For our services at Smith Medical, we do not accept insurance as a form of payment or partial coverage. Our focus is on keeping our surgery pricing as low as possible by offering cash-based rates that are not dependent on the type of insurance you use or have for other medical expenses.

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