Direct-pay specialty care with Smith Medical is a healthcare model focusing on a direct patient-to-doctor relationship and a self-pay pricing format. The biggest problems facing the healthcare industry today are two things: high costs of care and a lack of insurance coverage. 

Seventy percent of Americans describe the current U.S. healthcare system as being “in a state of crisis”, according to a poll done by Gallup. Direct specialty care solves these two issues and compels the industry forward to better suit who it serves. 

But how? Read about what Smith Medical is doing to change the healthcare industry for the better within the surgical space using the direct-pay specialty care method. 

Patients Are The Master’s of Their Health

Today’s patients are looking for fewer barriers when it comes to taking care of their health and wellness. Direct-pay healthcare supports the ability of patients to take charge of their health by being able to make decisions about their medical care without a healthcare provider gatekeeping the steps for treatment. 

This means that healthcare providers are educators, who provide a wide range of options based on specific cases, and outline if surgery is right for them. Instead of enduring waiting periods, referrals, and other roadblocks, the self-pay route focuses on patient autonomy. 

Doctors, surgeons, and medical staff members are here to serve their patients rather than patients being held to the orders of doctors and focused on compliance or not. 

Lower Costs For Surgery

Surgery that is self-paid allows people and businesses to get treatment directly from providers at a reduced cost, rather than relying on conventional insurance. Self-pay can save hundreds to thousands of dollars for surgical services. 

Self-pay patients are not burdened with high premiums or deductibles that come with health insurance coverage. As a no-insurance healthcare provider, we have physician ownership and management which means our profits and costs are solely based on each service. 

Eliminating insurance middlemen results in lower costs for patients and providers, enabling providers to be paid fairly for their services.

Our services encompass a wide range of care options to diagnose and treat health conditions such as gender-specific surgeries, or specific parts of the body like hand surgeries, neck, shoulder, or jaw. 

Who We Help

Direct Specialty Care Helps the Self-Employed 

Whether you are a freelance photographer, writer, a gig worker, an independent contractor, or employed by a private organization, those who are considered self-employed, may not have health insurance. Some self-employed individuals opt in for short-term health insurance that doesn’t have a full range of coverage, only limited benefits, or none at all. 

Direct specialty care addresses the needs of those who have little to no coverage by only working with a self-pay option and out-of-pocket costs.  

Direct Specialty Care Helps Patients With High Deductibles

The cost of health insurance can be hard to predict and even for those who have employer-provided health insurance there may be caveats to the eligibility that comes with surgery. 

Working with direct-pay specialty care ensures patients the care that they need without jumping through hoops such as rounds and rounds of qualifications, to get the surgery they need. From spine surgery to ENT surgery or Upper or Lower extremities surgeries, if you are looking for a straightforward, out-of-pocket cost for your procedure, we can help. 

Positive Patient Experience With Direct-pay Specialty Care

Smith Medical partners with specialty care surgeons who want to focus on connecting with patients directly without health insurance companies that place interruption on the doctor-patient experience. 

With lower costs and upfront pricing, Smith Medical can empower and educate patients to be able to shop for their surgical procedure online, before they even get to their appointment. Consumers can easily understand what they are paying for by reviewing the costs associated with each procedure on our website.

Using this model it’s easier for both doctors and patients to focus on the surgery at hand, rather than worrying about the cost and administration that comes with the surgical experience. By eliminating these issues, it bridges the gap and allows a deeper understanding and focus for both doctor and patient. 

Patients are much happier with this model of care because it places each person as the central character of the healthcare interaction. Surgeons can focus on the needs of each patient without any barriers leading patients to better understand their condition and modes of treatments and how to prepare for surgery. 

What to expect post-surgery, what will take place during the surgery, and how to make well-informed decisions surrounding maintaining health to optimize results, are all factors that come into play for patients who don’t need to worry about unexpected bills, surprise fees, and any micro costs associated with hospital-based surgeries. 

Take control of your surgical experience and work with Smith Medical today to address your surgical needs. To learn more about our surgical clinic near Denver, Colorado, send us a message. 

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