There are better options for business owners who are looking for employee benefits such as health insurance, especially when it comes to surgical care. Smith Medical defines how they offer businesses direct options to provide surgical care for their employees without the middleman that is insurance. Pricing is upfront and affordable for employers and employees. 

As a business owner, whether your company is big or small, managing an organization comes with many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities involves finding employees who will elevate your business and do their best as creative and productive members of your team. 

As the cost of health insurance rises, it also rises for employers trying to offer competitive benefits for attractive candidates to join their business. This becomes a difficult task for employers: How can you get better healthcare coverage that employees want while staying within an appropriate cost structure for your business? 

The answer is simpler than you think. Direct-to-employer contracting with Smith Medical. Direct contracting with healthcare providers and facilities is the first step to saving on healthcare coverage. Getting your employees the care they need is easier when brands cut out the middleman of insurance.

Direct Specialty Care With Smith Medical 

Direct-pay surgical care is a new option that removes the traditional frustrations that most patients have with the healthcare industry. When it comes to something as important as a procedure or surgery, we understand how important it is that patients get the care they need without having to jump through hoops and endure more stress than necessary. 

Undergoing surgery is a serious process and we want to make sure surgery is easier for our patients, not harder. At Smith Medical we address the largest concerns that patients have: 

  1. Medical insurance doesn’t cover important health and wellness needs. 
  2. The cost of medical procedures is obscure and fees and bills show up out of nowhere even after you’ve paid for surgery. 
  3. You can’t shop around for affordable medical costs within your budget because procedures and surgeries don’t come with a price tag. 

Through Smith Medical we provide our patients with upfront surgical costs while being a no-insurance, cash-based surgical center. 

Unconventional Healthcare

All of our surgeons are specialists who are board-certified doctors who are top-rated in their fields. Smith Medical offers affordable premier medical care. Our multispecialty facilities offer state-of-the-art treatments from top-of-the-line surgeons, elevating traditional surgical care for consumer access.

Smith Medical needs to offer up-front pricing when recommending surgery to patients.  In many cases, procedures and treatments are unaffordable because of the high cost traditional hospitals and clinics offer. 

Our direct pay option allows patients without insurance access to quality healthcare. It is Smith Medical’s mission to provide our patients with the accessible, transparent, and quality care they deserve.

Direct-to-Employer Contracting

Employers who are looking to lower their monthly premiums and find an appropriate healthcare budget that will provide their employees with the coverage they truly need without sacrificing should consider direct-to-employer contracting.

This form of healthcare is helpful for both employers and employees, allowing better access to surgeries and procedures they truly need. 

Instead of struggling through escalating healthcare costs, direct contracting helps directly connect healthcare providers with employees who want to provide options that are better than the typical insurance layout that prioritizes profit over individual health. 

Direct contracting doesn’t need to be complex or confusing, here are the steps to get started: 

In contrast with traditional health insurance, Smith Medical direct pay specialty care provides you and your employees with unique and individually tailored packages that meet their needs while keeping costs low.

Medical practices such as Smith Medical are committed to transparency, ensuring that patients and employers are aware of all costs upfront. All services are combined in our package pricing so that everyone has a clear understanding of what the costs are from the very first introduction to Smith Medical. 

We offer pricing on our website for a wide range of procedures, from orthopedics to minimally invasive surgery, women’s health procedures to men’s health procedures.

Partnering with Smith Medical is easy: 

  1. Enrollment information can be obtained directly from us.
  2. We can answer questions, recommend providers, and guide employers to Smith Medical contracts.
  3. Your team needs a healthcare plan that delivers effective, affordable healthcare options.

Everything changes when you or your team can afford the care you need. Call us to get started on changing healthcare.

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