What is Wrist Fusion Surgery? 

An effective treatment for severe wrist joint conditions such as arthritis, injuries, or malformations is wrist fusion. Smith Medical performs wrist fusion surgery and in this procedure, the wrist bones are removed and then fused with metal plates, screws, or pins. To reduce pain and prevent further injury, this procedure minimizes the movement of the wrist joint.

It is a major surgery that patients turn to when they do not have a less invasive alternative to a wrist fusion. However, an incision is needed to access the joint during this procedure. To prevent wrist fusions, patients should try conservative therapies first, but if nonsurgical treatments fail, it’s time to consider surgery. 

It is possible to improve stability and functionality with wrist fusion, resulting in a higher quality of life for patients. Through the use of metal plates and screws, the damaged wrist joint is fixed permanently in a straight position.

This immobilization not only relieves pain but also prevents further damage to the joint. Furthermore, wrist fusion may allow patients to regain the ability to perform day-to-day activities without limitations that were previously imposed by pain or restricted range of motion.

How Direct Specialty Care Differs from Traditional Healthcare

Why choose direct specialty care over traditional healthcare surgery? When most people think of traditional surgical options they typically go through their insurance company and receive referrals based on the primary care doctors they are already in contact with. This could mean receiving surgery at a hospital or at a surgery center that offers a range of different services. 

Direct specialty surgical care is a cash-pay practice that does not accept insurance-based payment, and at Smith Medical we exclusively offer high-quality surgical procedures. At our surgery center, the only type of treatments performed are medical surgeries, performed by top-rated board-certified surgeons who have performed the same surgeries hundreds of times. 

Not only are we focused on sourcing quality surgeons who are well adept with a range of cutting-edge surgical techniques and are up-to-date with the most modern surgical practices, but we are also focused on getting patients the care that they need at a lower cost. 

Undergoing a process such as wrist fusion surgery is not a simple process, but we want to make it easier for our patients by providing clear and upfront pricing, easy and comfortable doctor appointments, and smooth transitions and education from start to finish during the surgery. 

Wrist Fusion Surgery With Smith Medical 

For patients who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, wrist fractures, severe wrist ligament injuries, Kienbock’s disease, Preiser disease or genetic wrist disorders, this may be a good surgery option for you. 

Those who are looking to regain their wrist mobility, experience relief from any wrist pain, or wrist aching, and improve grip strength, and wrist stability should consider Smith Medical to perform wrist fusion surgery. We focus on creating a direct specialty care center with the top board-certified surgical professionals available. 

Pricing With Smith Medical

Currently our pricing for a wrist fusion is $9,600.00. Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer these prices. Since Smith Medical takes care of all its expenses, our objective is to provide you with the medical care you need at a reduced rate.

We focus on quality care, putting the patient and their needs before anything else. We wish to make the surgical care you need as stress-free as possible. If you or a loved one is ready to get started and learn more about surgery at Smith Medical, contact us today.

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