Looking for Surgery? Here are a Few Options

When people think of surgery, they usually think about their primary doctor and who they recommend as far as surgeons. Traditionally most people go through their insurance, if they have it, to navigate the cost of their procedure, whether it’s a spinal fusion or cataract surgery. 

For any patient ready to undergo surgery, it’s critical to explore all financial options and compare what is right for you. Traditional surgery or insurance-free surgery are two options available for all patients. 

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care provides patients with direct surgical options with insurance-free care. This is the ideal alternative when traditional surgical options are too expensive and unclear. 

Traditional Surgery

The cost of surgery may be a concern for you if you have a condition that requires surgery. A variety of factors can affect your surgery cost, such as the type of surgery, the type of anesthesia used, where the surgery is performed, how much your insurance covers, and if it will be an inpatient or outpatient procedure.

For your surgery, you may end up with general, local, or regional anesthesia, all of which can impact how much you are billed. Just like in any industry, the procedure is different from brand to brand, and you may find that one facility in our area has a widely different cost in comparison to one that is very similar, performing the same surgery. 

With insurance, the initial cost of surgery can also vary from patient to patient even if they are receiving the same surgery. If you have employer-provided insurance it all depends on how high your deductible is or how thorough your coverage is for the procedure you are looking to do. 

Insurance-Free Surgery

No-insurance surgery options are often cash-based procedures that are hassle-free and clearly stated. Patients do not have deductibles to pay, and they typically experience huge cost savings, especially at Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care.

At Smith Medical we dislike the inconsistency of pricing throughout all of our medical treatments. We believe every patient should have the option to look at pricing from the beginning before they even start the process of seeing their doctor, and that every patient can fully concentrate on that cost. Not only do we highlight all of our pricing on our website, but because we are insurance-free every single patient will be charged the same price for the same type of surgery. 

Whether patients are looking for a general procedure such as hernia surgery, breast surgery, an appendectomy, a gastroenterology procedure, or something else, we are focused on straightforward pricing and quality care from the best surgeons in the Denver area. Patients come from all over the state, and outside of Colorado state to receive surgery with Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care. 

All of our services are clearly outlined on our website, and we make it a point to be an insurance-free surgery center. 

Better Healthcare Options For Your Employees

At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care, we are dedicated to providing premier patient care at an affordable price for everyone. We partner with businesses and employers who want to provide better care models for their employees.

Providing health benefits can be a crucial decision for a business. It’s important to create a healthcare plan that truly supports the needs of your employees. Smith Medical can help. 

Direct Contracting with Smith Medical for Surgical Services: 

  • Quality and pricing for those who have no insurance or are looking for better services. 
  • Flexible health plans to help attract and retain high-quality employees. 
  • An insurance-free surgical model with better cost-accessible pricing for your employees.

The cost of a procedure is the first thing a patient will consider when recommended for surgery, which is why cost transparency is a priority among our surgeons. 

If you are looking for health coverage or medical care for your business and employees, Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care provides unique and individual package plans for you and your business. 

We focus on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of surgical costs upfront. All fees are combined in package pricing, so our patients have clarity regarding rates.

Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer competitive coverage. To learn more contact us today.

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