If you are someone who prefers to understand the cost before agreeing to a service as serious as surgery, cash-pay healthcare might be a better option. Real-time costs for patients who want to understand billing for surgery. 

What is Cash-Pay Surgery

Cash-pay surgery, also known as self-pay surgery, is a growing trend in the healthcare industry where patients pay for their medical procedures out of pocket, without involving insurance companies or third-party payers. 

At Smith Medical Direct Surgical Care, this model allows patients to have more control over their healthcare decisions, as they can choose their surgeon, and treatment plan without restrictions imposed by insurance providers. Cash-pay surgery is particularly popular for elective procedures not typically covered by insurance, such as cosmetic surgery, weight-loss surgery, and some orthopedic procedures.

One of the key advantages of cash-pay surgery is its transparency in pricing and quality of care. Since patients are directly paying for their procedures, they have a clear understanding of the costs involved and can shop around for the best value. This transparency also extends to the selection of surgeons and facilities, as patients can research and choose providers based on their reputation, experience, and outcomes. Additionally, cash-pay surgery can result in shorter wait times for procedures, as patients do not have to navigate the complexities of insurance approval processes.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it will be important for policymakers and healthcare providers to consider how to strike a balance between the benefits and risks of cash-pay surgery to ensure that all patients have access to high-quality, affordable care. Cash-pay practices are becoming popular options for people who want honest and upfront pricing before they sign on the dotted line for surgery. 

Patients Deserve Cost Transparency

Organizations like Power to the Patient have been highlighting Americans’ outcry to fight for what is important to them within the medical industry; price transparency. The goal of patient advocacy groups such as Power to the Patients help raise awareness of the need for transparency in healthcare pricing and ask healthcare brands, facilities, doctors and organizations to be upfront and forthcoming with the cost of medical pricing. 

For every other industry, price tags are clearly labeled for goods and services, but medical care seems to be different. 

When consumers walk into a store, they browse through goods or services that have price tags on them, right from the very beginning of their shopping experience. Why should healthcare be any different? 

The medical industry, is exactly that, an industry that provides services for health and wellness. We believe patients should not have to deal with red tape surrounding the cost. Patients feel that they overpay for surgery as it is. With cost transparency, more patients can then compare pricing and shop around with facilities and providers that are within their price range, also helping drive down the overall cost of healthcare due to honesty with prices and true competition in the industry. 

Cash-Pay Surgery with Smith Medical

Cash-pay healthcare, especially when it comes to surgery is the way to go if you are looking for pricing that you can understand from the very start. At Smith Medical we focus on highlighting each of our surgery services on our website with prices that include pre and post operative appointments along with everything that comes with surgery. 

Patients in the Denver, Colorado area, and patients from much further visit Smith Medical for their surgerical needs for procedures such as cochlear implant, septoplasty, osteotomy, or a minimally invasive spine procedure. The options for surgery are vast. Read about it here

Our Surgery Options at Smith

Our goal at Smith Medical is focused on transparency to ensure the patient is aware of the costs upfront. All fees are combined in package pricing, so our patients have clarity regarding rates.

Due to our physician ownership and management, we offer these prices. Since Smith Medical takes care of all its expenses, our objective is to provide you with the medical care you need at a reduced rate. If you need surgery, but can’t afford your deductible you might want to consider cash-based surgery to understand the costs for your surgical needs. 

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