At Smith Medical, we believe patients should have a direct-to-consumer surgical experience without intermediaries such as insurance. Patients gain ease and agency when they bypass arbitrary roadblocks regarding a comprehensive course of surgical care that can be the difference between a patient’s health in decline versus a patient’s health in recovery. 

Our current state of healthcare doesn’t support the need for surgery well enough. So many patients complain about further physical decline as they wait through the process of surgery, when in reality their health would thrive if they receive their surgery when they need it. 

However, the traditional medical model that pops up with bureaucratic barriers pushes the process further and further out of the hands of doctors and away from the needs of the actual patient. This isn’t good for a patient who needs surgery NOW. 

The need for a referral, cost gatekeeping, prior authorizations, authorization rejections and appeals, insurance requirements, scheduling and appointment delays, overbooked and inaccessible providers- the list goes on for what can go wrong during the complicated process that takes place before a patient even undergoes surgery. 

Is it possible to remove the tedious, stressful, and complicated nature of surgery within the medical field? 

Yes. A surgical experience can bypass all of the bureaucratic roadblocks that slow down patients on the road to good health and the answer is simple: Direct Specialty Care Surgery. 

How Direct Specialty Care Works

Direct Specialty Care allows patients to pay cash with referrals, prior authorization, insurance verification, long wait times before surgery, and lack of cost access. Instead, it does the opposite. Pricing is upfront, at a lower cost due to physician management and a cost-per-service financial model, and surgeons are not overbooked due to the nature of the facility with specific specialized focuses on just performing surgery. 

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care defines these parameters by building a network of surgeons who want to place the needs of their patients at the forefront of their careers. Instead of delays for gallbladder surgery, or needing authorization for a spinal fusion, Smith Medical looks at the labs the patient has or performs their diagnostics and testing and simply books patients for surgery after their diagnosis deems it appropriate. 

It is a simple, stress-free process that removes the undue burden that seems to follow traditional healthcare. Direct specialty care allows patients to reach an easier level of healthcare than ever before. 

Expect a Better Patient Experience 

When Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care’s board of directors and physicians got together to streamline the direction the facility would go in one of the major elements they wanted to keep in mind was patient experience.

It is just as important to treat patients well as it is to ensure they receive proper medical care, and the goal of Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is to do both. 

From maintaining eye contact to listening to patients and alleviating patient anxiety, our surgeons, nurses, and administration all understand how vital it is to communicate effectively with the public to shape patient experiences into ones that safeguard them from further worries beyond the process of the surgery itself.

From our demeanor and professional conduct to our processing and outreach, our goal is to provide top-quality care along with excellent patient experience through the use of direct specialty care. 

Types of Surgery at Smith Medical

As technology advances so does medical care, and a vital area of improvement helping patients all around the country has to do with surgical procedures and techniques. At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care we work with board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons who are at the top of their field and well-versed with years of experience.

Our doctors take pride in continuing their medical education by increasing their knowledge base, and professional performance and further developing doctor-patient relationships through ongoing education. 

At Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care we perform a range of different surgeries. We treat patients who are having medical issues in all areas of the body. To learn more about the procedure we perform visit our procedure page

How to Connect With Smith Medical Today

As we continue to reach our goal of promoting the continuation of equitable, holistic, cost-effective, and transparent doctor-patient relationships and service we want to hear from you! If you need a surgical service, it’s time to connect with doctors and surgeons who want to prioritize your well-being. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to be seen by a Smith Medical specialist.

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