Direct-to-consumer marketing for surgery is becoming more popular because it is a lower price point without the hangups that traditional surgery comes with. This includes issues such as high deductibles, prices that are obscured, complicated costs and so much more. Read about how Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is offering direct-to-consumer surgery for patients. 

What is Direct-To-Consumer Surgery?

Direct-to-consumer surgery is a model that is reshaping accessibility and convenience for the structure of surgical care. It is a form of healthcare that allows patients to pay their doctors directly without having to include the middleman which is insurance. Doctors receive adequate pay for their time, energy, knowledge, and skills, and patients are not overcharged to divide the profits among a range of organizations and people- instead, doctors get paid directly. 

Rather than utilizing health insurance, healthcare organizations such as Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care focus on out-of-pocket costs with upfront pricing that highlight exactly what patients will pay. 

Surgical Care Made From You

If you are looking for a surgical procedure in Denver, Colorado, Smith Medical provides all your surgical needs in one place. Our goal is a full-spectrum ambulatory surgery center that makes healthcare affordable for everyone. We understand that medical expenses for surgery can be costly, and we want to help ease this financial burden. That’s why we are committed to providing cost transparency to our patients.

Unlike traditional insurance options, which often come with hidden fees and confusing billing processes, we ensure that our patients are fully aware of the costs associated with their surgical procedures upfront as we do not take insurance. Our goal is to get the ball rolling and create an industry-disrupting direct-to-consumer surgery model that brings surgical services to patients exactly when needed. 

 About Smith Medical

Thank you for your interest in Smith Medical, an innovative approach to surgery that provides patients with transparent pricing and accessible surgical options. Our goal is to help each one of our patients return to the lifestyle that they want by providing top-rare board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons who have rich backgrounds in their respective fields. Learn about our doctors and staff down below.

We focus on quality care, putting the patient and their needs before anything else. We wish to make the surgical care you need as stress-free as possible. Our commitment to providing you with the best quality care possible is immeasurable make possible through our direct-to-consumer surgery pay model.

Smith Medical offers affordable premier medical care with straightforward pricing. Healthcare has been the only service patients buy without knowing the price upfront, but we are changing this. Each of our services has an upfront cost that will be accessible on our website using our pricing tool.  Our mission is to work closely with our employees, physicians, and staff members to provide a quality surgical experience while serving the community through transparent cost and patient advocacy. 

Our Surgical Procedure at Smith Medical

Quality medical care starts with doctors whose primary values place patient needs first. We pride ourselves in transparent pricing and practices while treating all who come through our doors with integrity and compassion on their journey to better their health. We offer a range of surgical procedures from ENT surgery options, spine surgery, general surgery, orthopedic options and so much more. Whether you are looking for a nasal fracture surgery or a knee repair, Smith Medical can help. 

We partner with the top surgeons in the Denver area who come highly recommended and are all board-certified physicians. If you or someone you love needs guidance when seeking information on a particular surgical procedure or future surgical options we are here to help.

Procedures and Cost

If you or someone you love needs guidance when looking for information on a particular surgical procedure or future surgical options we are here to help. We have a range of highly-trained, board-certified surgeons dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes to every patient who works with Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care. 

With our advanced technical skills and knowledge, our patient-care we have innovative surgical procedures and techniques that have been provided for gallbladder surgery, septoplasty, hammertoe surgery, umbilical hernia repair, and so many other procedures. Direct-to-consumer surgery is the easier and more straightforward way to go for patients who want clear communications over procedure and pricing.

If you would like to learn more about our procedure costs, you can visit our website. Every procedure that we offer has a clear cost on our website that is a cash-based, insurance-free price. Patients will find that we provide everything from patient education to diagnostics and testing and can assist with questions and information before, during, and after your surgery. 

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Don’t keep putting off our surgery, get the care you deserve. Smith Medical is a five-star ambulatory surgery center that prides itself on comprehensive and quality care. If you are looking for surgery contact us today!

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