Who Needs Achilles Surgery? 

Accidents and strains happen, but if you have torn or ruptured your Achilles tendon, it may be a serious injury that can prevent your normal range of motion. You use your Achilles tendon to bend your toes and feet which directly impacts your ability to climb, jump, run, walk, or be easily mobile. If the Achilles is stressed, it can cause swelling or pain near the heel and cause issues when walking up stairs or rising on the toes. 

Achilles surgery is a critical procedure that should not be delayed due to the potential long-term consequences of ignoring the issue. The Achilles tendon plays a crucial role in ankle movement and bears significant weight during physical activities, making it prone to injuries like tear or rupture. Delaying surgery can result in prolonged pain, decreased mobility, and compromised quality of life. Without intervention, there is an increased risk of further damage and the development of secondary issues such as calf muscle atrophy or arthritis. 

By receiving surgical treatment from a premium Smith Medical surgeon, patients can benefit from a more successful recovery with improved outcomes. Our board-certified surgeons possess extensive expertise in addressing various conditions related to this tendon, including inserting tissue grafts or repairing torn tendons.

How Does Achilles Surgery Work? 

Repairing the Achilles tendon starts with a surgeon locating the ruptured or served tendon through an incision. The damaged tissue will be removed by the surgeon and repaired by securing the ends of the damaged tendon using sutures or screws, the closing the incusion. Afterward, patients may experience a recovery period that includes swelling and tenderness.

Direct Care For Achilles Surgery

When looking for the right place to get Achilles surgery, most patients prioritize finding affordable and quality surgeons. 

At Smith Medical, our focus is to differentiate ourselves from basic healthcare options and contribute to an industry-disrupting movement that changes how medical care and wellness work. 

Direct specialty care with Smith Medical focuses on a fixed flat rate for surgical healthcare services performed by board-certified top-rated surgeons in Denver, Colorado. Patients do not have to wait for insurance approvals and pay an exorbitant amount to get the care they deserve.

Smith Medical approves surgical procedures for patients who qualify through direct payment, allowing them to hire top doctors without involving insurance companies, creating better accessibility for all types of patients, and focusing on the quality of care above everything else. 

Our Team at Smith Medical

Our goal is to elevate the standard of routine surgical care by focusing on the top talent for our multidisciplinary facilities. As a company with a vision of transforming the medical field, we are sincere in our commitment to patient access to surgery and wellness. In the healthcare industry, there are innovative and incredible changes taking place, and we want patient access and affordability to be at the forefront of these developments.

From our co-chairmen to our CEO or physician recruitment manager, to our surgeons, each one of our employees creates a change within the surgical space to bring the greatest level of healthcare to the forefront of the market. 

If you are looking for Achilles surgery for a tear or rupture, we can help. Learn more today by reaching out to Smith Medical

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