The Importance Of Specialized Care In Surgical Procedures

Direct specialty care is a concept that has floated around for a while and more and more healthcare providers are turning towards it. Going through your employer-provided insurance becomes convoluted for both employees to receive coverage and for employers to find the right coverage for their staff, people are looking for a healthcare model that bypasses the red tape and prefer the direct pay model for services.

Smith Medical is a Premium Specialty Care brand that focuses on a range of surgical procedures from general surgery to the spine to lower extremities or ENT procedures. Read about how Direct Specialty Care with Smith Medical is revolutionizing the surgical experience in this article. 

What is Direct Specialty Care? 

Direct specialty care is a medical service that focuses on patients paying a flat rate with straightforward costs. With the prevalence of non-traditional types of healthcare and consumer interest in price transparency and direct services, Smith Medical opened a direct specialty care clinic in response. 

The objective of direct specialty care is to provide quality healthcare to numerous patients without expensive and complicated insurance plans. Smith Medical focuses on enhanced patient experience through personalized and focused attention for patients already interested in specific surgical procedures. 

Traditional surgical procedures involve a more costly and time-consuming process before your insurance will approve receiving certain types of procedures. 

What are some of the benefits of direct specialty care?

  • Transparent pricing
  • Easier access to operations
  • Premium surgeons
  • Better patient care

Types of Surgical Procedures

Medical care of the highest quality can only be achieved when doctors prioritize patient needs above all else, the goal of Smith Medical. We pride ourselves in transparent pricing and practices while treating all who come through our doors with integrity and compassion on their journey to better their health. 

At Smith Medical we provide a range of surgical procedures for all different parts of the body: 

  • Cardiovascular
  • ENT
  • Eyes
  • Lower Extremities
  • Spine
  • Upper Extremities
  • Urology

Our Pricing Tool

At Smith Medical, we provide transparent pricing tools that are simple to navigate based on the procedure you inquire about. The pricing information offered by these tools is an estimate based on the information you provide to us.

We aim to provide hundreds of medical services at a lower cost to patients. This goal helps increase accessibility and convenience, allowing patients to make informed choices with their healthcare expenses. 

Want to learn more about the cost of each procedure? Learn about it here:

Premium Direct Specialty Care

This new paradigm shift with both patients and doctors is reshaping how companies approach medical care, providing better accessibility for patients, lower costs, and removing the red tape that insurance companies create between patients and healthcare services. 

For Smith Medical, our focus is on creating premium surgical experiences and exclusively working with the top surgeons in the Denver area. Our focus is on providing a premium surgical experience for various surgical procedures with transparent pricing.

If you or someone you love needs guidance when seeking information on a particular surgical procedure or future surgical options we are here to help.

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