In Denver, Colorado, patients seeking carpel tunnel release surgery do not have to rely on traditional healthcare options. More and more, patients are looking for alternatives to traditional insurance-based healthcare options, including surgeries, and carpel tunnel release surgery is no different. 

Smith Medical focuses on direct-pay surgical care for people in the Denver, Colorado area looking for surgical care with upfront pricing. 

Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can usually be managed through a combination of conservative therapies, such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory pain medications. These treatments, however, do not treat the underlying problem.

Patients who experience severe carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms may consider surgery when conservative efforts stop working to prevent pain or stiffness.

Carpal tunnel release surgery is a procedure that provides relief from carpal tunnel syndrome by releasing pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Many individuals suffer from this condition as a result of engaging in activities that require grasping movements frequently.

This condition may manifest painful symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and burning. To effectively treat this condition patients turn to carpal tunnel release surgery.

Top Reasons Why Patients Prefer Self-Pay Surgery

  1. Healthcare plans limit the choice of surgeon: Finding the surgeon that is the right fit for your needs is important. No one wants to experience surgery performed by a healthcare professional they do not feel comfortable or confident in. More patients prefer to have the flexibility that self-pay allows and connect with practice, and healthcare professionals they can put their trust in.  
  2. High deductibles prevent many healthcare plans from covering certain surgeries: Costs for surgery are rising and for a procedure such as carpal tunnel release surgery, some healthcare insurance may have high deductibles or even may not cover it. 
  3. You are looking for direct, prompt care, rather than waiting around for care: When patients go through insurance they often need to wait for an appointment, need to book their appointment far in advance, wait for the doctor to fit them into their schedule, and have multiple appointments, make sure they get approval by insurance companies and sometimes even prove they need surgery by trying out a range of conservative options. This can be time-consuming for patients who have a clear diagnosis, understand they need surgery, and need or want surgery as soon as possible. 
  4. You are looking for doctor-patient care, not insurance care: Patients often feel that insurance coverage gets in the way of actual healthcare from doctors who want to treat patients to the best of their abilities. Some healthcare insurance denies patients coverage altogether, let alone the process of separating the doctor from the patients and inhibiting the treatment they need. 

All of our surgeries are performed by board-certified doctors who are top-rated surgeons in Denver. When you work with a direct-pay specialty care healthcare provider, like us, at Smith Medical you receive focalized one-on-one treatment with our doctor. 

Patients who are looking for carpal tunnel release surgery, can make an appointment without delay, get scheduled and prepped for surgery, and find relief. They don’t have to worry about the involvement or approval with insurance, instead, all surgery performed at Smith Medical has upfront pricing. Whether patients are looking for spine, neck, back, ENT, or general surgery, all of our costs are listed on our website, so it’s clear to everyone what they can expect to pay from the start. 

Carpal Tunnel Release Pricing with Cash-Pay Surgery

At Smith Medical we are a cash-based surgery practice only, and our current pricing for carpal tunnel release surgery is $4,205.00. That includes pre-surgical appointments, anesthesiologist fees, follow-up appointments, and more, all included in singular pricing that way our patients have zero surprises. 

If you are ready to get started with cash-based, doctor-to-patient surgery, connect with us today.

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