Cash-based Healthcare in Denver, CO

Cash-based healthcare is provided by Smith Medical, a Denver Colorado Surgery Center that focuses on a range of surgical procedures. 

One of the most exhaustive parts of the healthcare industry for patients is affordability for the average American. Whether patients are under-insured or not insured, those with medical expenses can end up with high deductibles, costly bills, and treatments. Some end up forgoing medical care altogether due to cost. 

Not only is medical and insurance billing complicated within traditional healthcare models, but there are out-of-network providers that patients may run into within medical emergencies that cost them an exorbitant amount in bills.

Cash-based healthcare practices do not have contracts with insurance companies and therefore do not have to navigate the time-consuming process of insurance billing. Practitioners can then focus more on in-person care without the interference and goals of insurance companies, allowing them to truly care for their patients.

In Denver, Colorado Smith Medical serves as the leading surgical center for health services so patients can come out ahead financially by providing lower prices. 

Benefits of Cash-Based Surgery 

For patients who are looking for cash-based surgery options, the first benefit they will receive is to receive the price tag of the service they are looking for upfront with the full cost. Since the provider doesn’t bill out costs through insurance, patients can receive upfront and straightforward price tags for procedures such as dislocating patella repair, an eye exam under anesthesia, or gynecomastia surgery at Smith Medical. 

At Smith Medical, we understand the complexities of healthcare. Today, many procedures and treatments are unattainable due to their lofty price. Our direct pay option allows patients without insurance access to quality healthcare. The goal of Smith Medical is to provide our patients with the accessible, transparent, and quality care they deserve.

This isn’t a vague estimate of what services may cost, instead, it is an all-inclusive insurance-free price point that includes everything you may need. Smith Medical Surgical Specialty Care offers transparent pricing for all of our surgical services. This covers all the necessary medical procedures, including tests, diagnostics, follow-ups, pre-op checkups, anesthesia appointments, day-of-surgical care, and post-operative check-ups.

Surgery at Smith Medical

For patients looking for a specific type of surgical procedure, cash-based surgery can be a great option for those who want to understand pricing from the beginning of the process. Instead of struggling with high-deductible plans that have patients paying thousands of dollars for health services they were not fully informed about, Smith Medical lays out pricing from the start. This helps patients save money in the long run. 

If you or someone you know is tired of struggling with health insurance with big-ticket healthcare items such as procedures or surgery, it’s time to try cash-based options. With over 60% of American experience insurance issues, it’s time to choose a better option.

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