What Is Microdiscectomy?

For patients looking for a solution to herniated disc pain, a microdiscectomy with Smith Medical direct pay specialty care may be the solution. If conservative treatment or pain management fails to provide relief, surgery may be necessary to alleviate pain. If surgery is an option, this minimally invasive spine surgery should be considered. 

This is a minimally invasive spine surgery done with a small incision often between 1 and 2 inches that is performed with a microscope for accuracy. The surgery is performed to remove bone or ligament that is compressing nerves, specifically the herniated disc tissue that causes pain, discomfort, lack of mobility, and other symptoms. 

In general, a microdiscectomy surgery takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Due to general anesthesia and the need to spend time in the recovery room, the average recovery time is about two hours.

Recovering from a lumbar microdiscectomy can take between six to twelve weeks to return to daily activities for most patients. Most patients report that working on their back muscle strength and flexibility, stretching after surgery, and slowly returning to normal physical activity is the best route to recovery. 

All-Inclusive Pricing

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care offers self-pay-patients direct medical treatment from providers at a reduced cost, instead of relying on traditional medical insurance. This eliminates recurring financial obligations such as deductibles, high premiums, and the need for insurer approval of surgical treatments.

More patients are seeking alternative healthcare options due to limited insurance coverage, self-insurance, or a desire to find the best surgeons, rather than sticking to in-network providers.

At Smith Medical, we have a single price point for every surgical service we provide, that way there are no unexpected costs, hidden fees, or unpredictable pricing.

From low insurance coverage to high-cost private insurance, Smith Medical stands as a direct medical option for those looking to undergo surgery. Our board-certified surgeons have come together to join Smith Medical, an organization focused on truly caring for patients and putting healthcare first. 

Microdiscectomy With Smith Medical

Located in Denver, Colorado, we have a range of different surgical specialists that will be available who can perform microdiscectomy surgery. 

Patients come from all different parts of the state and even travel from out-of-state locations due to the quality care, affordability, and ease of access to back surgery, knee surgery, ENT procedures, and more. 

Common Microdiscectomy Questions: 

What does a microdiscectomy scar look like? 

For patients who undergo a minimally invasive microdiscectomy, the incision is typically 1-2 inches long and may leave a scar of that length. 

How much does a microdiscectomy cost?

Typically microdiscectomies cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the type of coverage you have with your healthcare insurance. 

Currently, our pricing at Smith Medical is $12,230, due to our self-pay model. 

Are there any permanent restrictions after a microdiscectomy?

No, there are no permanent restrictions after a microdiscectomy. This particular back surgery has a very small incision and recovery takes place quicker than traditional surgical procedures.

However, it is critical that all patients carefully follow recovery instructions to prevent issues, delays, or injuries during the time of rest and recovery. 

How should you sleep after a microdiscectomy?

The safety position for patients who have recently undergone a microdiscectomy tends to be sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs supporting your knees. This sleeping position allows your pressure to rest on your side and shoulders rather than directly placing pressure on the surgery site.

Some patients also sleep on their back with lots of support underneath their knees to keep a steady and stable position. It is recommended that patients do not sleep on their stomachs when recovering from back surgery. 

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