The future of surgery will undoubtedly see a rise in cash-based procedures, especially with all of the new changes in 2024, with companies like Smith Medical leading the way in innovative surgical solutions. 

This is the year of more sustainable and financially obtainable surgical services, an issue that patients have been struggling with since the dawn of health insurance complications. The goals at Smith Medical are to disrupt traditional cost structures, address affordability, and eliminate pricing obscurity.

The Surgical Industry Issue

As healthcare costs continue to rise and insurance coverage becomes more limited, patients are increasingly seeking out alternative payment options for their medical needs. Cash-based procedures offer patients greater control over their healthcare choices and allow them to bypass the red tape and bureaucracy often associated with insurance reimbursement. 

Smith Medical’s focus on providing high-quality, cost-effective surgical solutions aligns with this growing trend toward consumer-driven healthcare. 

We are focused on a handful of key principles that will pave the way out of the current health system that patients are drowning in: 

  1. Affordability
  2. Patient Advocacy
  3. Patient Trust
  4. Real doctor-patient relationships

Our current healthcare model utilizes health insurance in a way that inflates the pricing of surgical care whether it’s an ACL tear, or a leg hernia repair the financial toll of surgery tends to extend beyond the individual cost of the procedure. It does so with the cost of pre-operative appointments, exams, x-rays, surgery site fees, doctor fees, and so many other bills that will add up for the individual patient. 

Then patients also have to consider that if they need emergency surgery, they may not be in-network with the surgeon available and out-of-network bills can be astronomical, costing patients 50,000, 60,000, or 70,000 dollars. 

Instead, Smith Medical offers procedures such as proximal row carpectomy, kidner procedure, or plantar fasciotomy with clear and transparent price tags that are all-inclusive. 

A Better Surgical Solution

Smith Medical’s emphasis on cash-based procedures not only benefits patients but also has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry as a whole. By offering transparent pricing and streamlined payment options, Smith Medical is paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare system. 

Cash-based procedures also incentivize providers to deliver superior care and outcomes, as they are directly accountable to their patients rather than insurance companies. As more patients opt for cash-based procedures, traditional healthcare models may need to adapt to remain competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.

With this cash-based procedure, patients can see the all-in-one price tag on their surgical procedure before they even step foot in the building of Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care. Our goal is to attract top-quality talent and create new value through our healthcare model and create a better environment for our patients. 

The Smith Medical Promise

Our goal is to create affordability by solving the insurance problem for surgical care. We do this by cutting out the use of insurance altogether. 

We focus on patient advocacy by allowing our patients to take their health needs into their own hands, listen to their needs, wants, and goals of their surgery, and make sure we account for their medical history and prior healthcare experiences. 

Next, we want to insurance we create patient trust through our transparent cost model- this sets patient expectations providing the public with lower-cost and high-quality alternatives to traditional surgical services. 

And finally, we are determined to create five-star doctor-patient relationships. We want our surgeons to take all of the time they need to get to know their patients during their visits. We don’t want our patients to feel rushed or like they are another number in the waiting room. We promise to surpass the transactional and cold interaction that typical doctors’ offices have and create a connective experience by truly developing those interpersonal relationships that medicine should have. 

We believe that when people truly know each other they truly care, and they will deliver the best quality surgical care possible through genuine relationships

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As patients seek out more control over their healthcare choices and costs, cash-based procedures offer a viable alternative to traditional insurance-based care. By embracing this shift towards consumer-driven healthcare, Smith Medical is poised to be at the forefront of a new era in surgical innovation and patient care. Our goal is by changing traditional healthcare protocols we can reshape our healthcare possibilities. 

If you or a loved one is in need of surgery, we can help. Our doctors are excited to help you on your journey to better health!

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