Patients who are considering anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair surgery for their knee, should consider direct-pay specialty care surgery with Smith Medical. Whether you are struggling with a knee injury that is common to people who are constantly exercising and working out, or whether you have recently experienced an injury, if you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon, here’s what you need to know.

How ACL Repair Surgery Works

The ACL connects the femur to the tibia and is responsible for keeping the knee stable. Depending on the severity of the injury, surgery may be necessary. Many patients with partial ACL tears can find relief through conservative therapies such as physical therapy, surgical intervention is always almost necessary for complete tears, where the ligament is almost completely nonfunctioning.

Patients will be under general anesthesia to ensure their comfort throughout the procedure.

Many patients with partial ACL tears can find relief through conservative therapies such as a segment of a tendon to connect the muscle to the bone. Partial ACL tears are often treated conservatively through removal from the anesthesia.

Upon completion of the surgical procedure, patients are typically advised to rest and elevate their legs to minimize activity until they are cleared upon their next appointment. Read more about the procedure by visiting our website

Why Smith Medical

The economics of healthcare within the United States is getting more and more complicated each day. Between patients, medical experts, and policymakers – we all agree that medical care- particularly surgical care, is important but expensive and poorly performing healthcare. 

At Smith Medical our goal is to change this belief about our healthcare system by starting with the cost of care. 

The medical industry struggles to let patients know about: 

  1. How much do services cost?
  2. How many bills patients should expect?
  3. How well insurance will cover them?
  4. Where they can find competitive rates?
  5. How many appointments it will take before their procedure and the cost of those appointments? 

These are all frustrations that patients deal with when they need medical help. Costs are complicated and obscured. Instead of having a price tag on surgeries and procedures, most hospitals and clinics will not give you a price point but instead, ask about your insurance. Depending on the quality of your insurance you may or may not have coverage, and may have to undergo many preliminary treatments, appointments, and alternative care before your insurance is willing to pay for it. 

On top of that you don’t truly know how much you owe the doctors because your insurance may not pay for follow-up appointments after surgery, or before surgery, consultations, surgeons fees, facility fees and so much more. Bills roll it, and medical jargon makes health literacy and health fiancing even more complicated. 

Access to healthcare is supposed to be easier in 2024…not harder. Here’s what we are doing to change surgery: 

We provide upfront pricing for all of our surgery costs right on our website. For ACL repair surgeries, patients can currently expect to pay $7,931

All of our surgeons at Smith Medical are insurance-free and cash-based that way we can improve access to a wider variety of patients while ditching the middleman that is insurance. This allow us to keep surgery costs lower and charge patients a fair price for what each surgery is worth it, rather than having to create a huge mark-up on the surgery that ends up in the pockets of insurance companies. 

Because of this, we attract incredible doctors, surgeons, and staff members who will be fairly compensated for their time and effort, and they get to truly connect with patients rather than go through a process that isn’t true to the nature of medicine, with insurance. 

Instead, all of our patients are seen, and given the time and energy they deserve with a single, all-inclusive price point that encompasses preliminary appointments, diagnosis, testing, surgery, facility fees, and post-surgical appointments. Our goal is to create a surgery experience that has zero surprises. 

The more transparent we are about our costs, the more transparent other medical companies will become, allowing patients to find an appropriate price range that will suit their budget. 

Surgery You Can Depend On

At Smith Medical, we offer a vast range of surgical procedures to patients who want to complete them on time while understanding the cost from the beginning. At Smith Medical, we understand the complexities of healthcare. Today, many procedures and treatments are unattainable due to their lofty price. The average cost of this is a number that a limited amount of the population can afford. Therefore, it is Smith Medical’s mission to provide our patients with the accessible, transparent, and quality care they deserve.

If you are looking for ACL repair near Denver, Colorado Smith Medical can help. To learn more contact us today.

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