Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care provides patients with better pricing without the use of insurance.

Patients looking for surgery options without the use of insurance have more options than they think, especially if they are in the Colorado area.

Paying your doctor in cash could save you money even if you do have health insurance, you are better off not using it for a lower total cost. Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care explains why they have a cash-pay ambulatory surgery center model that exclusively provides patients with surgical care at a fair price. 

The Problem with Insurance and Surgery

Insurance-based surgeries have much higher costs. It becomes difficult to understand billing as a patient because you cannot ask your doctor about the cost of your procedure. The price of your surgery depends on several factors such as labor intensity, software, training and development, staffing, physical plant and technologies to support the workers, their associated human resource benefits and employer costs, payment delays, insurance plan coverage, pre-authorization and so many other facts. 

Patients have to look high and low to get in contact with their insurance providers in order to learn about the cost of what they would be charged for a procedure, only to be surprised with individual facility fees, anesthesia fees, and other unexpected costs that may be outside of that initial estimate they were given. 

How Cash-Pay Surgery Helps Patients

Even if you have health insurance, paying your doctor in cash could save you money, since the total cost will be lower. Here’s why: with cash pay the provider makes one assessment of costs and it becomes a fixed price. The doctors are paid directly based on treatment or surgical procedure that a patient desires to purchase out of medical necessity without the involvement of a third party for billing like insurance. 

Paying your provider directing for medical services has been on the rise and it is no different when it comes to surgical care. From a microdiscectomy to a pelvic exam under anesthesia or a chalazion procedure Smith Medical performs a range of different surgeries. 

With a cash-pay service model, patients are not facing unexpected bills in the mail long after surgery. This type of payment system allows for transparent pricing upfront, ensuring that patients are aware of the costs associated with their healthcare services before they receive treatment. By knowing the exact amount they will be expected to pay, patients can budget accordingly and make informed decisions about their care. 

With our cash-pay model at Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care, patients do not have to navigate through complex insurance billing processes or worry about potential surprise charges down the line. This can lead to greater patient satisfaction and peace of mind, as individuals know exactly what to expect in terms of payment for their healthcare services. Overall, a cash-pay service model promotes financial transparency and helps alleviate uncertainty for patients seeking medical treatment.

Our Surgeries 

Smith Medical is renowned for its comprehensive range of surgical services that cater to a wide array of medical needs. From minimally invasive procedures such as knee arthroscopy to complex wrist procedures, Smith Medical prides itself on providing cutting-edge techniques and the latest advancements in surgical technology. The facility offers a variety of surgeries including orthopedic, hip or knee, spine, hand surgery, and many more. 

For instance, patients can undergo joint replacement surgeries for arthritis relief or have life-saving bypass surgery for heart conditions. With a team of highly skilled surgeons and dedicated healthcare professionals, Smith Medical ensures that each patient receives personalized care and achieves optimal outcomes from their surgical experience. Trust in Smith Medical for all your surgical needs and rest assured you are in capable hands.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in selecting the right tools for your practice, offering personalized recommendations tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how Smith Medical can support your surgical endeavors and enhance patient outcomes.

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